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Feels Good Man

Reloading Ammo by Feel

There are many techniques discussed when talking about reloading ammo but I don’t see many articles suggesting that feel is very important to successful ammo making…

Ak Rifle Ban Build

Top Five Tools For Building Your Own AK-47 Rifle

Building your own Kalashnikov has become quite popular, and will probably be even more so, now with Obama’s current ban actively in place. Here are the top five tool you need to complete your AK rifle

PhD Gobblers

PhD Gobblers eBook – Free Downloads for 2 Days

This ebook will show you the pros’ victories and defeats and explain the lessons they’ve learned so you too can take these tough toms and qualify for your master’s degree in turkey hunting…

Ryan Cleckner

Keeping Your Rifle Clean

In another informative video, former Army Ranger sniper team leader Ryan Cleckner demonstrates how he cleans his rifle and offers advice and tips…

MEC 600 Jr Mark V Shot Shell Press

ShotShell Reloading Basics

One thing that we haven’t covered yet is shotgun loading. The equipment is different and you need a reloading machine that is made for shotgun ammo for best results…

Ultimate Survival Guide

Survival Techniques for Modern Day Peril

The Ultimate Survival Manual a new book to help you to survive anything that may come your way. Covering a wide range of topics including everything from hand-to-hand combat to safe family travel…

Firearms User Network

Norgon M16 Ambi-Catch Installation

Despite its earned reputation as a good combat rifle, the M16-series remains one of the only modern designs still in wide spread use that is not ambidextrous…