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Maryland Gun Dealer Registration Almost Law Act NOW!

The law is being sold as a bill to keep criminals from running gun shops, requires Maryland dealers to collect personal information about each and every individual who purchases a firearm in the state of Maryland…

Anti-Gun Bills Head to California Governor’s Desk

Under the provisions of AB 962, mail order and internet sales of handgun and some rifle ammunition would essentially be banned given that all transactions would have to be completed “face-to-face”. ..

BATFE To Issue Multiple Rifle Demand Letters To Dealers This Week

BATFE To Issue Multiple Rifle “Demand Letter” To Dealers This Week PHOENIX, AZ – -( According to four BATFE agents familiar with the planned Fast and Furious gun-smuggling “fix,” the bureau plans to release a “demand letter” by the end of this week, insisting that gun dealers in the four Mexico-border states begin reporting multiple […]

House Vote Derails Obama Gun Reporting Scheme

The threatened change would implement special reporting requirements for FFL dealers selling more than one semi-automatic rifle to a person within a 5 days and would effect Southwestern states that border Mexico: Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California…