Gun Control Talking Head Admits Registry Was A Fireams Confiscation Tool

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Canadian Shooting Sports Association

Canada – -( At long last, Heidi Rathgen of the Coalition for Gun Control is telling the truth – the long-gun registry was little more than a tool to confiscate firearms from law-abiding Canadians.

Ms. Rathgen is bemoaning the fact that the now-defunct registry was a confiscation database for police as more and more guns are banned for no good reason. A couple of recent Shaw/Global editorials express the anti-gun broadcaster’s disappointment that the now-scrapped long-gun registry handicaps the police in finding out who owns the recently banned Swiss Arms and CZ-858 rifles.

Here’s Global’s prize-winning reportage:

“Now that the registry’s gone, its usefulness is becoming more and more obvious,” said Heidi Rathjen, a survivor of the Montreal Massacre and fervent gun-control advocate.

“It looks like the RCMP is desperately searching for any piece of information that could lead them to the owners of these now-prohibited weapons, including media reports, whereas it would be child’s play to find the owners if the registry were still alive. So instead of having an efficient and practical way of tracking legal gun ownership, police have to rely on the same investigative tools they would use to track illegal guns. What a mess.”

Thank you Ms. Rathgen and thank you Shaw/Global. Anti-gun advocates have spent years promising that the registry was never about taking guns away from hunters and sport shooters. Your inconvenient truth has laid bare the fact that gun control is all about seizing private property from innocent people.

Bet you’d like to have this one back, huh?

Here’s the Global article:

The CSSA is the voice of the sport shooter and firearms enthusiast in Canada. Our national membership supports and promotes Canada’s firearms heritage, traditional target shooting competition, modern action shooting sports, hunting, and archery. We support and sponsor competitions and youth programs that promote these Canadian heritage activities. Website

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Winston Smith

The time grows short for enemies of liberty. Ask yourself just how many in the USA will go on the warpath as soon as any confiscation raids were to begin? How many Jornalists,Judges, Politicians, and just plain outspoken supporters of infringement of rights would be targeted? The sheer lunacy of saying that one wishes to start a civil war, “to prevent gun violence”? Guess you have to go to college to think like that. Molon Labe’! Not one G-d Damned inch!


I saw this coming from Canada years ago. The government had snowed the gun owners into believing that confiscation would make safer. All the law abiding citizens were the last people to take a registed rife and open up on a defenseless people.These goverment pecil pushers had confiscation right from the start. Each gun owner need to read the histor of what started. In 1775 the British sent troops to Concord and Lexington. The armory was Lexington and John Hancock and Sam Adams. This is where the shot heard round thw world in April 1775


This is why I will NEVER register a weapon of any kind. The only people who should be afraid of someone like me owning a gun is someone who intends to use force to deprive American citizens of our constitutional rights. All others need not worry. When guns are outlawed, I will be an outlaw because the Second protects all others.


I’d not register my guns if given the option. Alas, it’s not possible here in California.

There can be no mistake that registration, even databases of CCW permit holders, are being used to target gun owners. The potential for intrusion and harassment is very great as shown by some recent encounters with police.

Congress has utterly failed to provide for “the militia” since shortly after the founding of the nation. Consequently, any registration scheme will not be for the benefit of firearm owners.


I like my guns like dems like their voters…undocumented.

VT Patriot

Gee, what a surprise. All this time, I thought gun registration was to protect “the children”. You mean that CT, CO, CA, and NY really just wanted the names and addresses of where the guns are in their states, and it wasn’t to protect “the children”?
Shocked, I tell you, shocked..
See you at the CT 2A rally on Sat 4/5/14.


Do you register your computer printer?
Then why would you register your firearm?


“Be a real swinger(as in from a rope). Register your firearms.” This was a firm warning given to the people in many Eastern European nations absorbed by the Soviet Union. Think very hard about that.


Never never never register a firearm. Can’t put enough never’s in that statement.


Jay is correct. Never register any firearm!

Jay Hanig

Alex, Tred is correct. Once your name is in the registry, the legally owned weapon can be banned. Look at what’s happening in Connecticut and elsewhere with the AR-15s, the most popular sporting semi rifle in America. Today’s venerable bolt action hunting rifle can become tomorrow’s sniper rifle. And once you’re in the registry, good luck hanging on to your property, even though you’ve done nothing wrong with it. Shortly after Sandy Hook, I can’t count the number of times I was told: “Nobody’s is going to take your guns.” Really? That’s exactly what’s happening in CT, NY, CA and… Read more »

Tred Law

@ Alex; Yes you are missing the point, the antis want the now defunct long gun registry to confiscate guns that we legal to own up until last month when police changed the rule without due process. I would not comply as well. Molon labe!

Alex Kristiansen

I am always an advocate against gun control. However, this headline and congruent argument is a complete fallacy written for those who do not actually read the article or Heidi’s quote. Law enforcement is looking for illegal weapons, not those that are legal. I realize that these weapons may have been named for no good reason but the law was passed. I don’t agree with it whatsoever but regardless, it is law. There is no talk about confiscating hunter’s or sportstmen’s AR-15 or Glock 19. Heidi’s argument doesn’t make sense either. Why would someone who knowingly owns an illegal weapon… Read more »