Winchester To Offer Lead-Free Bullet .223 Rem

Winchester To Offer Lead-Free Bullet .223 Rem

Winchester Ammunition

Winchester Ammunition – -( Increased customer demand and regional lead-free regulation combined with the growth of varmint hunting have resulted in the need for a new lead-free bullet, the .223 Rem from Winchester® Ammunition. The new .223 Rem is a part of the Winchester SUPER-X® line. This product uses a patented tin core technology to achieve a totally lead-free bullet.

“Shooters and hunters require lead-free ammunition in various regions of the U.S., and it is our goal to make sure they have a legal, high-performance product,” said Glen Weeks, Centerfire Product Manager for Winchester Ammunition. “Our goal with this new .223 Rem product, as well as all of our lead-free offerings, is to make sure that shooters have a wide range of Winchester lead-free products available.”

Winchester offers a diverse line of lead-free ammunition in shotshell, centerfire handgun, centerfire rifle and .22 caliber, including the recently expanded E-Tip selection, new .22 LR and .22 Win. Magnum offerings.

The new SUPER-X .223 Rem lead-free features:
– Muzzle velocity: 3,050 feet per second
– Bullet weight: 55 grains
– Rounds per box: 20
– Symbol: X223RT
– Availability: Spring 2009

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Winchester Ammunition is proud to be a leader in conservation:
NILO Farms®, established by John M. Olin in 1952, is Winchester’s prestigious hunting preserve providing guests with quality hunting on more than 640 acres of natural habitat. As one of the finest hunting and shooting facilities in the country, NILO Farms® represents the best in game management and safety. Many of the land management practices developed at NILO Farms® have proven to be an example for other waterfowl and upland game bird preserves to follow. For more information about NILO Farms, visit

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