Bushnell Outdoor Products Honors American Heroes

Bushnell Outdoor Products Honors American Heroes

Left to Right:  C. J. Johnson  General Joe Engle Major John Plaster
Left to Right: C. J. Johnson General Joe Engle Major John Plaster

Bushnell Outdoor Products
Bushnell Outdoor Products

Overland Park, Kansas – At the recent SHOT Show in Orlando Florida, Bushnell Outdoor Products honored three men who have each served the United States of America with distinct service.

In making the presentations during a media press conference, Phil Gyori, Executive Vice President of Marketing at Bushnell said, “These men served our country in different capacities, and each was outstanding in the job they did.”

General Joe Engle who has been a long time Bushnell Consultant and advisor is an avid hunter and shooter. During his time with the US Air Force he received many honors including USAF Astronaut Wings, USAF Distinguished Flying Cross, AFA Outstanding Young USAF Officer, AIAA Lawrence Sperry Award for Flight Research and AIAA Pioneer of Flight Award.

“General Joe was instrumental in helping with the advancement of the U.S. space program,” said Phil Gyori. “He was also known as being a good friend and fellow troublemaker to Chuck Yeager. We are honored to work with the General and pleased to honor him for his service to our country.”

The second man honored by Bushnell was Major John Plaster, retired US Army Green Beret. He is an author and historian and is part of the Bushnell Field Pro staff and a Tactical consultant for the company. He served three combat tours in Vietnam and was decorated four times for heroism.

“Major Plaster is known as one of the leading sniper experts in the world,” said Gyori. “After retiring from the Army he continues his service to our country through his writings and teachings for sniper training. Bushnell is honored to be associated with such a knowledgeable and dedicated man.”

The third man Bushnell honored was Dillard (CJ) Johnson who recently returned from service in the Iraq war with the US Army. CJ received the Silver Star for Gallantry in Action, a Bronze Star and the Purple Heart for wounds received in battle.

“When preparing to leave for service in Iraq, CJ was in need of some optics and contacted Bushnell. We were able to provide him with Elite riflescopes and laser range finders,” said Gyori. “One of the riflescopes he used saw duty on three tours and helped protect many of our young men and women who are serving in Iraq.”

In a separate presentation, CJ presented Bushnell with the Elite scope he had used in Iraq.

“When I needed help from an optic company while preparing to go to Iraq, Bushnell came through. The products they provided helped protect the lives of me and my fellow soldiers. I want to thank everyone at Bushnell for stepping up when asked to help.”

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