Sig Sauer Secures A $306 Million U. S. Army Pistol Contract

Sig Sauer, Inc. Secures A $306 Million Pistol Contract By The U. S. Army’s Material Command


EXETER, NH – -( SIG SAUER, Inc. announced today that it has secured a multi-year contract to provide pistols to the U.S. Army’s Material Command. The potential value for all quantities and the related customer support package is $306 million.

“The gun that is to be supplied in the contract is the SIG SAUER SP2022 in 9mm.” said Bud Fini VP of Marketing Sig Sauer.

The initial order of 55,890 units is to be released as the standard sidearm for the entire Colombian National Police force. Shipments are to begin immediately with a second release of 42,000 pistols to follow.

Ron Cohen, President and CEO, stated that he is proud that SIG SAUER’s long standing reputation for superior reliability and quality has been recognized with this exceptional contract. Moreover, it provides an opportunity for SIG SAUER to continue to expand its manufacturing facilities and create U.S. jobs at a time when other companies are downsizing and exporting jobs overseas. Mr. Cohen further stated that the breadth of SIG customers is evidence of the worldwide acceptance and demand for SIG SAUER products.

These customers include numerous elite law enforcement, military, and government agencies (e.g. the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Secret Service, Navy Criminal Investigation Service (NCIS), U.S. Navy SEALs, U.S. Air Force OSI, British SAS, French National Police, and the Colombian National Police).

Employing over 350 skilled workers at its Exeter, NH facility, the company has been on a continuous program of expansion and growth. State-of-the-art automated machines now populate the majority of the facility, the result of over $30 million dollars invested over the past four years.

About SIG SAUER, Inc.
SIG SAUER, Inc. is the largest member of a worldwide business group of firearms manufacturers that includes J.P. Sauer & Sohn and Blaser GmbH in Germany and Swiss Arms AG in Switzerland. This global network of companies gives SIG SAUER a world-class firearms knowledge base, unparalleled design expertise, and extensive manufacturing capacity, enabling the company to respond quickly and effectively to changing market conditions and the needs of its military, law enforcement, and commercial markets worldwide. SIG SAUER is an ISO 9001: 2000 certified company with over 350 employees. For more information on SIG SAUER or any of its products, or the SIG SAUER Academy, log on to

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Charlie Moyer

I just picked up a Sig SP2022 in .40 cal and love it. It has the great Sig p226 feel but the advantages of the polymer lower half. It is a great weapon in my book.


Dan, I love your idea! I'm trying to talk squadron supply into getting these, or the M11 that the Army already uses. You'd think, our base being SOCOM and all, that we could get them. No joy so far. If I can't carry my old 1911 to work, give me a SIG!

Dan Riley

This should have happened years ago…they should issue our guys the Sigs, and give (outright) the CNPF all of the old Berettas…we could call it "aiding foreign law enforcement," or "GREEN sidearm recycling."

Bob Schmitt

What model & caliber did the military contract for?


"The gun that is to be supplied in the contract is the SIG SAUER SP2022. " – said Bud Fini VP of Marketing Sig Sauer