Schumer Threatens Filibuster Over Concealed Carry Reciprocity

Schumer Threatens Filibuster Over Concealed Carry Reciprocity

New York State
New York State

New York State – -( New York Sen. Charles Schumer announced Friday that he would do all it takes to prevent Bill S. 845 — a bill that will establish concealed carry reciprocity amongst the majority of US states, from passing the Senate including a filibuster.

“To say that someone who gets a license in another state can then take their gun into Central Park or into Eisenhower Park without any checking with local law enforcement is appalling and could affect our safety,” Schumer (D-N.Y.) said in a recent interview.

Schumer, estimated the amendment has the support of about 55 senators and pledged a filibuster to prevent a vote on the amendment if necessary.

In typical gun banner rhetoric Shumer is portraying this bill as trampling the existing gun laws of states like NY when the fact is this bill clearly spells out that all concealed carry holders when visiting a state other than their own would be bound by gun laws of that state.

This bill will do nothing more than allow CCW holder from other states the confidence to know that any state with reciprocity will honor their CW permit from their home state.

Residents of New York should ask the Senator to support their second amendment rights and their right to self defense and either Vote for or at least do not impede the process of this bill through the Senate.

Sample Letter ———————————————————————————

Please support the Thune/Vitter amendment to the Department of Defense authorization bill. This amendment will protect the right of citizens to carry firearms outside of their home state without violating the rights of the other states. Thus, the reciprocity language masterfully protects the principle of federalism while also promoting Second Amendment rights.

If you find that you can not support this bill I ask that you do not hinder the process in fairness to the citizen of New York state that believe in the right to self defense of themselves and their family.

A person’s right to defend himself and his family should not end at the border of his state.

I urge you to vote for the Thune/Vitter concealed carry amendment and to oppose any modifying actions that seek to weaken their amendment.



Please contact Charles Shumer on his Senate website:

or on the NRA-ILA website:

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The only people I knew in NYC that carried firearms legally were restaurant owners. The irony there is that it is ok to try and protect your money, but not your life.


Haha Vinnie, seriously if only he knew what he was talking about.


Franc – You have no idea what you are talking about. It only applies to states that issue CCW or LTC permits.


So the right to carry a concealed weapon should carry to a state that doesn't provide that right because states' rights would trump.

Is that what you're saying. So conversely are you saying that you would agree that DOMA should be struck down because if a state like Massachusetts has gay marriage it won't transfer to a state like Florida because gay marriage is illegal in its constitution?

The GOP advocates of Bill S, 845 are thus hypocrites.

William Munn

Schumer is typical of those who have been running New York State to their own whims, and feel the rest of the country should do the same. People of his ilk are what forced me to leave that state, never again looking back to their tyrannical rules for the sake of the "city" The police are only their to clean up the mess, not prevent it from happening. They have no desire or responsibility to protect you under any circumstances. In fact, they are there to arrest you and incarcerate you if they have figure a way to pull it… Read more »


And this from a state where if a citizen is issued a carry permit in the state capitol of Albany, it is worthless in NYC. NYC is like it's own country within a state, and somehow seems to dictate how the state will be governed. To obtain a carry permit in NYC you must have money or influence. It has nothing to do with the need to protect yourself or your family. I don't think that Mr. Shumer needs to worry about someone from the midwest with a carry permit representing a threat in Central Park or Eisenhower Park. The… Read more »

Hector L. Sanchez

He has a full carry permit in N.Y.C. can you imagine that.

Dale Parker

Pelosi has not effected all America! She, Shumer, and their ilk have INFECTED all America!

Don Holmes

His actions as a senator not only threaten New Yorkers, but ALL of America.

This is not just a local streets jobs thing,its our combined safety thingee.

Like wise,my senators effect all New Yorkers too. Has any one noticed how (California) Pelosi has effected all of America.

We need to pay attention beyond our state borders ,Schumer does.

Bluestone, PhD

Can someone answer a question?? Does this Schumer guy have armed agents on his protection detail??

And if so, how safe would he feel if they were not armed?? If he has armed agents to protect him, how comes he does not want the people he represents to be armed.

So they can protect themselves. What is good for the Goose should also be good for the Gander.

George C Atknson

I think it is time for New York residents to band together and get rid of this obstructionist Senator.

He is of his own considered opinion that he knows what's best for New York and ignores any input that is not of his own thinking.

He has forgotten that he is in place to represent all of the people of New York.

He was voted in, he should be voted out.