ICarry.org One Gun a Month Giveaway

ICarry.org’s One Gun a Month Giveaway


Rockford, IL –-(AmmoLand.com)- I have to quickly tell you where this idea came from. I’m probably not the genius you thought I was. If you know a little about anti-gunners, you’ll know they are ALWAYS trying to pass “one gun a month” laws. Pretty self-explanatory – you can only buy one gun, or one handgun, each month.

The excuse is to stop “gun trafficking” although everyone knows criminals don’t get their guns from gun stores and dealers. It’s really just a foot in the door law. Next it’s one gun a quarter, one gun a year, or one gun period.

That’s not what I want to tell you about, though. Today I want to tell you about a man from Illinois – a very unique man – a once valuable asset to the self-defense movement. His name is John Birch and his website was www.concealcarry.org. Concealed Carry, Inc. to be exact.

Based in Oak Brook, surrounded by some of the most factually ignorant and sheepish people around, close to the heart of the beast of a city Chicago – famed as the murder capital of the country for some of recent years, John Birch and Concealed Carry, Inc, started a stir.

John knew how to say exactly what he thought without mincing words, and he had a talent at pissing people off on a regular basis. His real strong suit was getting media attention. Media attention that brought new allies to the gun rights battle.

John, with his FFL license, decided that to him One Gun a Month meant something truly more noble – finding a person in need in dangerous Chicago who could benefit the most from a FREE PISTOL.


One has to dig into the web archive to see John’s handiwork, but there it is. Media attention galore! National and even international media attention. What did it do? Raise awareness of the issue in Illinois.

The political and legal climate wasn’t quite ready for such a move, however. Concealed carry hadn’t made it to as many states, the Supreme Court had not yet ruled that yes the 2nd Amendment does protect an individual right to own and carry weapons for personal protection. There wasn’t as much fannypack carry in Illinois, and certainly no Open Carry events to my knowledge up in Wisconsin.

But now, things are quite different. In Illinois, county-by-county concealed carry is being acknowledged by county resolution. Some counties have even pushed to get legislation passed to allow people to carry. Police organizations and other highly-influential orgs are publicly supporting concealed carry.

Wisconsin has passed it not once, but twice! Only to fall short one and then two votes short of overriding anti-gun bigot Gov. Jim Doyle’s veto.

If you didn’t see the survey over at ICarry.org, I’ll tell you the results have come in so far exactly as I expected. It’s time to call in the troops. The slow-to-act gun owners across Illinois and Wisconsin needn’t be fearful of being on the “losing” team any longer.

Hopefully this was interesting to you. Hopefully we can honor the memory of the original One Gun a Month Giveaway with our own. If things go well, it will have to be one gun for each Wisconsin and Illinois. Then perhaps a third gun for out-of-state supporters.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to read this. Huge thanks goes to: BulletStop Gun Shop for helping to make this all possible!!! http://bulletstopguns.com/ILHOME.html

Take care,
Shaun A Kranish
ICarry.org Founder

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