Dry Fire Trainer App Released For Competition Shooters

Dry Fire Trainer App Released For Competition Shooters

Dry Fire Trainer
Dry Fire Trainer

Toa Alta, PR –-(AmmoLand.com)- Dry Fire Trainer is an app designed as a training aid for the competition shooter or for shooters who need a very programmable timer as an efficient training aid for their dry firing or training needs.

The Dry Fire Trainer lets you practice all those drills that need a timer for that extra pressure or refinement.

This timer lets you set the times at a hundredth of a second. Not only can you Dry Fire and get the most from your training time, you can also use this timer to set training regimens with live fire at the range.

What does this app add to the value of your training? It allows the shooter to free himself/herself from tracking the exercises and repetitions. It gives the shooter more freedom to concentrate on what he/she is doing, right or wrong.

Dry Fire Trainer App
Dry Fire Trainer App

The planning for the time that you are going to spend either at home or at the range can be done ahead of time. This leave you free to create a very structure set of exercises that you can execute without wasting precious training time.

When you feel the mental pressure to perform a draw under a second, you must spend the time concentrating, not keeping track of the logistics of the training. What repetition is this one, the eight or nine?

How many more do I have left? iDFT is intended to take away that burden and let the shooter concentrate on what he is doing.

Are my feet where they are supposed to be? Where are my hands? Am I gripping the hand in the correct manner? Am I achieving the correct sight alignment before pulling the trigger?

We believe that all your equipment, from the firearm, to the holster, to your footwear all help increase your skill and potential. We want you to include this app in your equipment arsenal and let it become your silent partner during training.

Please make sure to follow all safety standards when dry firing. For the first year we will donate 5% of all sales to our local IPSC chapter, PRPSA.

For information on how the settings work and other information please visit: www.dryfiretrainer.blogspot.com

A video demonstration of the app:

Available now in the iStore for iTouch and iPhone.

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