Pennsylvania Preemption Law Violations Continue

Pennsylvania Preemption Law Violations Continue
When Will The Legislature and the Courts Step In???

Firearms Owners Against Crime
Firearms Owners Against Crime

Pennsylvania –-( Radnor Township, Pennsylvania Considers Mandatory Reporting of Lost or Stolen Firearms Ordinance..?

On February 8 the Radnor Township commissioners conducted an open meeting to listen to arguments for and against enacting an ordinance requiring the mandatory reporting of lost or stolen firearms. As it has in the past cease-fire PA utilized local political contacts to pressure the local elected officials (otherwise known as strong-arm tactics) into considering this legislation.

Of course this group is not one to let the truth stand in its way and this meeting was no exception to that rule. Openly manipulating the facts such as how many prosecutions were conducted by the municipalities with these ordinances in place and numerous other falsehoods were prevalent throughout much of the testimony of the other cease-fire PA officials.

Local gunowners presented a strong defense and factually challenged every contention of the anti-gun organization but, as it has been shown in the past, the backroom political deals continued to dominate in these situations further justifying the reasoning behind a statewide preemption Law. If only this law actually had some teeth in it?! Perhaps the answer is to be found in House Bill 1541 that has been introduced by Rep. Daryl Metcalfe.

This particular hearing resulted in enough questions being raised by those in opposition to this ordinance that a vote was postponed for two weeks so that answers could be obtained from the solicitor. While this may just have delayed the inevitable it is clear to the casual observer that the fight was worth it and it did draw out the officials from freedom hating Cease-Fire PA and showed them to be unscrupulous in their presentation and despicable for their ignorance of the law.

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Kim Stolfer, Chairman
Firearms Owners Against Crime

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