Now More Than Ever The Shotgun Has A Place In Your Toolbox

Now More Than Ever The Shotgun Has A Place In Your Toolbox
Article By Rob Haught

Tactical Tips with Bob Haught
Tactical Tips with Bob Haught
Wilson Combat
Wilson Combat

Berryville, AR – -( As far back as anyone can remember, the shotgun has served Americans in almost all areas of our lives. It has fed our families, patrolled our streets, defended our homes and fought our wars for generations.Today, in spite of inroads and advances in Patrol Rifles, Tasers and other more advanced weaponry, the Pump action shotgun remains the most common support weapon in law enforcement and home defense.

In terms of versatility no other weapon system comes close to it. In many other parts of the world the Shotgun has been used for sporting purposes but Americans have developed the martial use of this Powerful tool to its highest potential.

Over the years the development of the optimum “Social Shotgun” has taken many twists and turns and Has become what we now see today as the accepted standard. One company who has led the way in this important development is Scattergun Technologies™. As a subsidiary of Wilson Combat®, Scattergun Technologies™ has a reputation For quality and service that is the Gold Standard in modern defensive shotguns. As one who has been there To see the evolution of these weapons I can say there has never been a better choice for a home defense or Law Enforcement shotgun than those available from Scattergun Technologies™ today.

A glance at the Scattergun Technologies™ catalog will show three main models from which to choose depending on your needs. While reading through the material you should be aware that each of these are set up with accessories that Have been well thought out and proven to enhance the performance of the Remington 870 platform as a Defensive tool without compromising the legendary reliability of that model.

Lets start out with what has been well named the Standard Model. If I were to only have one shotgun this Would have to be it. With an 18” cylinder bore barrel and Scattergun Technologies™”s trademark Trak-Loc ghost ring sights this Model has all you really need. When you add other standard features like synthetic stocks, choice of 4 or 6 Rd . sidesaddle, jumbo head safety, mag extension and Surefire forend then you have the total package.

When something is this good then its bound to be noticed by the big boys and the Border Patrol model Reflects that. When they wanted the best package available they turned to Scattergun Technologies and put Together a package nearly identical to the Standard Model but without the Surefire forend. Also available In a 14” configuration for NFA customers or Law Enforcement /Govt. use, it’s the ideal duty shotgun.

Rounding up the Scattergun Technologies™ lineup is the Professional Model. I’ve used one of these for almost 20 years in my work as a law enforcement officer and also in my training programs. I’ve yet to find a shotgun that I like better. When set up with a 13″ LOP stock and 14″ barrel it’s the pinnacle of the pump shotgun Defensive package in my opinion.

One of the things I like about the Scattergun Technologies™ system is the variety of accessories that you can choose from in Setting up your shotgun. It gives you some important choices in selecting what will work best for you. Whether you prefer a 4 rd or a 6 rd sidesaddle its available to you. Depending on your body build an 13” LOP stock might be optimum rather than the standard 14” version. Likewise your tastes might run towards A one round mag extension rather than the longer one. Whatever flavor you choose you can be confident That they are of the highest quality and are proven performers.

As with all Wilson Combat® firearms you have a choice of different colors if you choose to have your Shotgun finished with their proprietary Armor-Tuff finish or stick with plain old Parkerizing. They also offer an industry exclusive deal called the Remington Steal. If you have an old 870 Gathering dust in the closet you can send it to Scattergun Technologies™ and they will go over the gun and replace any worn Or broken parts and build your gun to your specs and save you a few bucks over the cost of a complete New gun. This is a bargain!

Trends come and go but one thing I’m certain will be around for the foreseeable future is the shotgun. With the cost of ammunition out of sight and mostly unavailable you can still find 12ga ammunition in Good quantity at your local vendor. In times of social unrest the shotgun remains the most versatile weapon System in our arsenal. With the simple change of ammunition type it can do most anything you need done.

So in closing, if you don’t already have one in your pile, take a good look at what Scattergun Technologies™ has to offer. I’m sure There is something there that will do the job for you. Now more than ever, the shotgun has a place in your Toolbox.

Scattergun Technologies Boarder Patrol Model
Scattergun Technologies Boarder Patrol Model
Rob Haught:
Veteran Law Enforcement Officer
Firearms Trainer for civilian, law enforcement and military
IDPA National Champion

At Wilson Combat we’re proud of our position as the acknowledged leader in customer satisfaction and quality products. We work hard to maintain the reputation we’ve built over almost thirty years, and continue to invest in the human resources, training, capital equipment, research and development to stay on top. We have added new leadership personnel in engineering, manufacturing management, materials, research, design, operations, and business development. One of our goals is to be a little better every single day, and we work hard to meet that goal.

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