Medalist’s Silvermax Technology Is The New Standard in Hunting Apparel

Medalist’s Silvermax Technology Is The New Standard in Hunting Apparel
High Performance Apparel Line Features Exclusive Technology That Eliminates Odor and Regulates Body Temperature.


READING, PA –-(  Medalist’s Fall 2010 line with SilverMax technology is the new apparel standard for performance athletes.

From hunters to hikers and long distance runners, demanding experts know that the gear they choose makes an impact on their performance. Medalist apparel is designed to eliminate odor and regulate body temperature, while simultaneously delivering a full range of motion and maximum comfort.

Medalist’s SilverMax technology is created by integrating a 360-degree layer of pure silver fibers into every garment, which makes it the most efficient light-weight, body temperature regulating apparel technology on Earth. Nature’s most adaptive heat-regulating element, pure silver is one of the most reflective and conductive metals available, as well as the world’s most effective antimicrobial, odor-eliminating agent. While other scent elimination technologies lose effectiveness after several washes, the performance of Medalist gear with SilverMax technology does not diminish over time.

As Medalist gear is worn, SilverMax is busy reacting to the body’s temperature, drawing heat away from the skin when it’s hot, and keeping it in when fighting cold climates. Simultaneously, SilverMax quickly moves moisture away, allowing it to evaporate and keeping skin dry. As part of the scent elimination process, denatured proteins are neutralized, and ammonia found in perspiration is rendered completely inactive. The permanent technology is proven to maintain its effectiveness for the life of the garment.

“Medalist gear with SilverMax technology is more than just high-performance outdoor apparel – it’s the new standard.” said David Vogrin, Director of Marketing, Medalist. “Our new brand and 2010 product line reinforce our longstanding commitment to providing demanding experts with the best in active apparel.”

Adding to the effectiveness of Medalist gear is its’ unique layering system. Each layer works to create ideal comfort and performance levels in any condition ― in blizzards and blazing heat. Products available range from lightweight to heavyweight and include crews, tees, windshirts, pants, jackets and fleece vests.

Medalist’s new Hunt and Outdoor product lines will be available in Fall 2010.

MEDALIST is a leading producer of high performance technical apparel featuring SilverMax technology. Their engineered products provide innovative solutions that enhance performance and comfort in all conditions for a wide range of consumers in the Hunt, Outdoor, Athletic, and Tactical markets. Today, world-class athletes, hunters, outdoor enthusiasts and NASA astronauts wear MEDALIST products. MEDALIST is committed to providing apparel with the highest level of performance and comfort to help the demanding expert achieve their best in the moment that counts.

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Paula Hammons
Paula Hammons
3 years ago

I have old catalogues and price lists that are outdated would like to recv new interested in the under garments
for cold weather with the new technology. My store is Ket 16901 S R 58 Oberlin
Ohio 44074 440-774-4419