Urban Shooter Update – April 25th 2010

Urban Shooter Update – April 25th 2010
This week on the Urban Shooter Podcast (USP)

Urban Shooter Podcast
Urban Shooter Podcast

Upper Marlboro, MD –-(AmmoLand.com) On episode 162 – “DC Second Amendment March,” of The Urban Shooter Podcast I share the audio of my actual speech and some observations.

Recorded late into the night and early morning I sing an Allman Brothers classic and change the words a little as I am accustomed to doing when the mood hits me. The Second Amendment March allowed me to get Michael Bane, Skip Coryell, Rich Heller, and radio personality “Mancow” into my church at the same time.

We will never be the same. This has been a phenomenal week.

Kenn Blanchard at the 2010 Second Amendment March
Kenn Blanchard at the 2010 Second Amendment March

I survived all that was the Second Amendment March. There were hundreds of emails, cell and Skype calls, schedule shifting, html and web work, prayer, and promotion. There was hope and fear. There was preparation and spending. And I wasn’t even the organizer of the event.

I was just the Black Man With A Gun, an American that pastors a small Christian church in Washington, DC, leads a household, befriends just about everybody and produces a podcast every week to inspire, entertain and promote the right to keep and bear arms in a amicable way.

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