ASAP Survival Gear With Hurricane Season In Full Swing – Be Ready

ASAP Survival Gear With Hurricane Season In Full Swing – Be Ready
Prepare. Respond. Survive.

ASAP Survival Gear
ASAP Survival Gear
ASAP Survival Gear
ASAP Survival Gear

Williston, VT –-( The 2010 hurricane season is underway and weather experts are predicting a very active season of tropical storms and hurricanes this year.

The ingredients for a hurricane, according to the National Hurricane Center, include pre-existing weather disturbances, warm tropical oceans, moisture, and relatively light winds. If these conditions persist long enough, they can combine to produce the violent winds, enormous waves, torrential rains, and massive floods.

ASAP Survival Gear takes hurricane and emergency preparedness to a new level with its line of emergency starter packs and two Natural Disaster Modules: the Evac to Shelter Module and the Shelter Unavailable Module. Designed as add-ons to any of the ASAP Starter packs these two modules will enhance your ability to manage an emergency situation caused by a major natural disaster such as a hurricane, wildfire, or earthquake.

ASAP Survival Gear has enlisted the expertise of Dr. Bob Arnot as Chief Education Officer to their products and program. Dr. Arnot is one of the most recognized names in medical and health professions, having served as the former chief medical editor for NBC News. In the last two decades, he has been on site of the world’s worst disasters, helping as a physician, humanitarian and foreign news correspondent. According to Dr. Bob, when a major natural disaster hits, the reality is that most people will evacuate to a shelter until conditions settle. The ASAP Natural Disaster Module I provides items to help make your stay in an evacuation shelter more comfortable.

However, sometimes major natural disasters strike without warning and prevent you and your family from evacuating to a shelter. When you are forced to ride out a storm in your home or office, you must assume that basic needs like water, gas, and electricity will not function. The ASAP Natural Disaster Module II, when combined with any ASAP Starter pack, gives you the essential tools to treat water, cook and provides other basic elements for survival.

ASAP Survival Gear currently offers 13 different need or situation specific modules. Each ASAP module contains pre-packed essential items stored in a grab-and-go stuff sack or waterproof case that are easily added to any of the ASAP™ starter packs as seen on

The Natural Disaster I: Evac to Shelter module features:

  • Granite Gear Toughsack #8 & #5
  • 1: gas shut-off wrench
  • 2: Mainstay Emergency drinking water 12-packs
  • 24: Sun Valley Bars
  • 5: one quart Gatorade Fruit Punch drink mix
  • 2: Camelbak one liter water bottles
  • 1: Black Diamond Orbit Lantern
  • 2: Cocoon Travel sheets
  • 2: Texsport Pack-Lite foam sleeping pads
  • 2: Eye Mask & Ear Plugs
  • 2: Synthetic-fill travel pillows
  • 1: GoReady hand sanitizers
  • 2: Go Towels
  • 1: waterproof Bicycle playing cards
  • 1: Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries (4-pack AAA)
  • Weight: 15.2 lbs.

MSRP is $235.00

The Natural Disaster II: Shelter Unavailable module features:

  • Granite Gear Toughsack #8
  • Gas shut-off wrench
  • 5: one quart Gatorade Fruit Punch drink mix
  • 1: Black Diamond Orbit Lantern
  • 1: waterproof Bicycle playing cards
  • 3: Mainstay Emergency drinking water 12-pack
  • 2: Mainstay 3600 Emergency food rations
  • 1: Coghlan’s Folding stove
  • 1: Coghlan’s Camp Heat fuel
  • 1: PUR Clean Drinking Water kit
  • 1: PUR Purifier of Water
  • 1: five gallon collapsible water jug
  • 1: 3M Duct Tape
  • 1: Distress Flag
  • 2: Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries (4 pack AAA)
  • Weight: 21 lbs.

MSRP is $175.00

To order your Natural Disaster I or II module, please visit or by calling 866.377.3033.

Dr. Arnot will produce an extensive set of videos to guide in the planning and preparedness process which will be seen on, ASAP’s Facebook fan page and on YouTube.

About ASAP:
ASAP Starter Packs provide owners a great foundation of essentials to help face the unexpected, with plenty of room for further customizing to meet each user’s unique needs through an array of situation-specific “modules” or via a la carte items. The entire line of ASAP Starter Packs, modules, and individual items are all accessible through the comprehensive ASAP website at, a one-stop source for premium gear, expert preparedness planning tips, and crucial up-to-the minute weather and emergency related information. For more information please call 866.377.3033 or visit