Bill White’s TX Campaign AWOL on Open Carry Issue

Bill White’s TX Campaign AWOL on Open Carry Issue
Petition for Texas open carry continues to attract supporters.

Texas –-( Texas is one of only 7 states still banning the open carry of properly holstered handguns, but apparently that doesn’t bother the Texas Democratic candidate for Governor, Bill White, or his campaign handlers.

Over the last few weeks, White’s campaign staffers, including Communications Director Ali Smith, have stiff-armed repeated inquiries from regarding the restoration of open carry rights in Texas.

The question put to White’s campaign was pretty straight forward:

“If a future legislature passed a bill restoring open carry rights in Texas, would a Governor White be inclined to sign it?”

Ali Smith took several calls on the matter but ultimately just empty promised that “[s] omeone will call you.”’s John Pierce says “we know that “Gov. Rick Perry supports, at least in concept, . . . open carry,”

Therefore, “the choice before Texas gun owners on November 2nd is very stark. Voters must choose between a candidate who runs from gun rights policy questions, or Rick Perry who frequently carries a gun himself for self-defense, and is prepared to stand his ground when necessary.”

Meanwhile, no matter who wins the Texas Governor’s race, is driving on with its online petition to restore Texas open carry rights at texasoc.

This valuable tool allows voters to register that demand for open carry rights, and at the same time allows gun rights organizers to collect tens of thousands of pro-gun email addresses of Texas voters for future use to promote open carry and other gun rights policy initiatives.

Carry on!

About: was founded in 2004 by Virginia gun-rights activists John Pierce and Mike Stollenwerk and has served to ignite the “Open Carry Movement” that is sweeping the country. In addition to being an invaluable legal resource for gun owners, the site has quickly grown to be a social networking portal for thousands of American gun owners. Visit:

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Bluedog from Waller

Where does Rick Perry and his support of the jobs sucking NAFTA Super Highway that would slice up Texas, fit in with the constitution?

JD Glock

Now we know who won the Nov 2 election. And now all non-Texans, and a few Texas and other liberals, know why.

This is just one of many examples of a real Texas Governor doing his job to support this state's rights, and the rights of all Americans based on the Constitution of the United States.