CDC Recommends Hygenall To Combat Firing Range Lead Exposure

CDC Recommends Hygenall To Combat Firing Range Lead Exposure
New Lead Decontamination Products Address Firing Range Lead and Battlefield Toxic Metal Exposure.

Hygenall FieldWipes
Wiping Lead off hands with Hygenall FieldWipes after firing guns a can reduce lead exposure.

Huntsville, Alabama –-( Hygenall Corporation announced today that the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), a division of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), recently recommended Hygenall ( products for use after firing weapons.

The announcement comes just a few weeks before the CDC’s National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week October 24 – 30, 2010. Hygenall makes several products to help solve the Lead problem and clean off dirt and germs: Hygenall FieldWipes are a non-rinse wipe that decontaminates where rinse water is not available; Hygenall FieldWash is a hand and body wash; Hygenall FieldLaundry a laundry detergent for removing Lead from clothes, and Hygenall ToxOff  is a general purpose and Lead decontamination surface cleaner for floors, tables, tools and equipment.

“The CDC recommendation for Hygenall products will help bring to light the serious threat of microscopic quantities of Lead on the firing range and improve safety for both gun enthusiasts and workers,” said Michael McKinnon, CEO of Hygenall Corporation.

Lead particles, so small that they are nearly invisible, stick to skin and surfaces through an electrical bond that is difficult to disrupt. Soaps, wipes and gels, including specialty and industrial products that claim to remove Lead are not as effective because they are based on chemicals that are good for removing dirt but not for breaking the electromagnetic bond that makes Lead stick to skin and surfaces. The patented technology in Hygenall products is designed specifically to safely disrupt the Lead bond, and has shown to be highly effective even at micro-gram levels.

Hygenall Field brand products were developed specifically for firearms users and military personnel to remove microscopic quantities of Lead and other heavy metals such as Antimony, Hexavalent Chromium, Depleted Uranium Oxide, Mercury, Cadmium, Arsenic, and others that accumulate on skin and surfaces.

“Using science that targets the removal of Lead will keep firearms users safer,” said Dr. Michael Baran, PhD., retired Air Force Colonel. “Firing range workers, firing range users, government, and military personnel in battlefield and training environments can experience more exposure to dangerous quantities of Lead dust than workers in the Lead industry.”

According to NIOSH, firing a handgun can deposit over 1,000 micrograms of Lead on the skin with each firing, which if ingested, can cause high Blood Lead Levels that can affect health in a variety of ways, including lowering I.Q. through cognitive problems, organ failure, and other diseases associated with chronic Lead exposure.

“The body treats Lead as if it were calcium, which is used to create nerve, brain, and bone tissue,” said Michael McKinnon, CEO of Hygenall Corporation, “The trouble starts when the body uses Lead as building blocks instead of actual calcium.”

Hygenall products are available through Galls, an ARAMARK Company and supplier of military and police equipment and supplies, ArgenTech Solutions, Emerging Technology Specialists, and IMMI, a minority woman owned, SBA 8(a), SBA SDB Certified, GNEMSDC Certified, and SWMWBA Certified government products supplier.

About Hygenall Corporation
Since Bloomberg Business Week featured Hygenall as one of “America’s Most Promising Start-ups” in 2009, Hygenall has worked hard to become the international thought leader in heavy metal decontamination with innovative technologies that help protect millions of people around the world from the ravages of lead and other toxic metal poisoning. Founded in 2007, Hygenall Corporation has deliberately taken leadership in the marketplace by creating solutions to reduce the impact of exposure to toxic metals. Hygenall differentiates itself by offering a range of products based on technology that was developed under critical scientific standards in government laboratories and bringing them to market at an affordable price. Most Hygenall products are made under license from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Hygenall is headquartered Huntsville, Alabama with offices throughout the Americas. Hygenall Corporation builds products for several markets including Industrial, Medical, Government, and Consumer. Hygenall brands include Hygenall LeadOff, Hygenall HygaStat, Hygenall HexOff, Hygenall FieldWipes, Hygenall FieldScrub, Hygenall FieldWash, and Hygenall Industrial. Visit

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John R.

Heard about this just recently, and I can tell you that the Hygenall FieldWipes that I got from Galls are outstanding. Whether I'm at home, on the range, or in my workshop, they are right in my bag when I need them. One big concern for me is the lead residue from cleaning my guns and loading ammo. Those particles find their way all over the tabletops, doors, and on anything else I touch. So I'm glad to see FieldLaundry and ToxOff, so that I can clean everything!

Stephen M.

We use the Hygenall FieldWipes on everything, even wiping down our weapons. We use all of their stuff, ToxOff, Laundry, Hand and Shower Soap, everything…great stuff! It does everything soap does, except one more thing: removes lead.

Cap'n Dan

Yes, this is an important issue. I hear a lot of guys saying that they have been around firing ranges and lead their whole lives, and "look at me, i'm fine." What they don't realize is that lead is used like Calcium in the body and quickly effects I.Q. And when they go home, they carry lead with them to their children who use calcium (lead if it is in the body) to build brain tissue, nerve tissue and maintain organ function. One of the largest sources of childhood lead exposure are their working, and sportsmen parents. I am glad… Read more »