Rock Island to break $30 Million in Sales with December Gun Auction

Rock Island is Posed to break $30 Million in Yearly Sales with the December Premiere Auction

Rock Island December Premiere Auction
Rock Island December Premiere Auction
Rock Island Auction Company
Rock Island Auction Company

Moline, IL –-( Moline, IL Rock Island Auction Company announces a Premiere Collector’s Firearms Auction to be held December 3, 4 &5 at their facilities in Moline, IL. Rock Island’s September auction was advertised as the premiere auction of the year, and this auction has the potential to surpass that spectacular sale.

This auction is a study in the history of firearms production. This auction encompasses the spectrum of collecting from ancient and early antique European arms to substantial collection of modern sporting arms. The collecting favorites of Winchesters and Colts will be well represented with several of the finest known and low serial numbered examples. Rock Island auction is once again proud to present an incredible selection of military items from the U.S. martial era to U.S. and foreign arms from WWI & WWII. Firearms collectors and history enthusiasts alike are sure to find the right piece to fill their collections.

Several museum quality Colts will be sold in December. Center stage will be the finest known condition original presentation Colt Single Action Army Buntline and stock with Hegeman and Stagecoach Museum provenance. This revolver is accompanied by a notorized letter from Osborne Klavestad from the Stagecoach Museum in Shakopee, Minnesota identifying this revolver by serial number as being one of only two Buntline 16″ revolvers that were set aside to be presented to Colt employees and never appeared on the common market. (The other Buntline is on display at the Hartford Library).

The letter goes on to state that the gun was found hidden behind some books in an estate in Hartford. Mr. Klavestad says in the letter “The Colt Buntline is probably the finest specimen in existence today, being mint, original, unfired and complete with stock.” The revolver was presented to Colt’s head librarian (bookkeeper) in 1895, was part of the J.R. Hegeman collection and then went on to the Stagecoach Museum in Minnesota in 1928. It was then purchased by Mr. Stanwick in 1978 when he passed away in 2001, the family maintained his most prized collectible possession until 2010. Now they have decided to offer this national treasure at no reserve to another caretaker-RIA. This spectacular piece with its incredible provenance, condition and rarity carries a pre-sale estimate of $250,000-500,000.

A comprehensive grouping of over 550 Colts will be offered from the early Patersons through WWII semi-autos and slide action rifles. Seven Patersons will be offered starting with 4 longarms, an exceptional Belt Model revolver No. 2 – Fifth Model Ehlers ($75,000-130,000) and a rare Belt Model No. 3 revolver ($40,000-60,000). Another museum worth piece, holding an estimate of $100,000-200,000 is Colt’s first cartridge revolver, an extraordinary first cartridge production Colt Open Top 44 revolver, serial number 1. The quality continues with a rare Massachusetts marked Colt 2nd Model dragoon revolver that is estimated to bring $60,000-90,000. Continuing through Colt production brings fine single actions featuring a historic Ainsworth-Inspected Colt Single Action Army revolver in 7th Cavalry serial number range with holster and a unique antique Colt Bisley with factory documented inscription, pearl grips and ultra-rare box each carrying a $35,000-55,000 estimate. A spectacular pair of consecutively numbered Denise Therion factory master engraved Colt single action army revolvers with relief carved ivory grips leads a nice selection of engraved 2nd/3rd generation SAA’s.

U.S. military is represented from the Revolutionary War to WWII. The best martial arms collection RIAC has ever offered is well represented by an extremely rare North & Cheney U.S. Model 1799 Flintlock pistol – one of only about 20 surviving examples ($50,000-70,000) and an exceptionally rare S. North dueling pistol from the estate of Simeon North ($35,000-55,000). The December auction also holds two rare Martially marked Elgin Cutlass pistols with pre-sale estimates of $16,000-25,000 (only 150 were ever issued). Nearly 50 martial era rifles and muskets will feature an exceptional extremely rare Harpers Ferry Model 1841 Rifle with Merrill breech-loading alteration and a rare early production marked Wickham Model 1816 musket with Gloucester Brigade (New Jersey) markings and history. Other manufacturers include Springfield Armory U.S., Remington Arms, R. Johnson and many more!

A rare piece of history is found in a massive documented historic U.S. Garrison flag that was flown at the Lincoln-Douglass debate at Knox College in Galesburg, IL. The October 7th, 1858 was a part of a series of debates that focused on slavery in the expanding U.S. They set the stage for Lincoln to take up residence in the White House in 1860 and reflected the fierce ideological debates that led to a civil war. The flag measures a massive 12’6” x 20’6” and now has a total of 36 stars, 3 were added after the historic debate.

The outstanding Civil War Arms will provide a nice selection of Confederate Arms including a very rare Confederate J.P. Murray percussion rifle. Over 100 Civil War arms will also include a fine carbines featuring an extremely rare Jenks-Merrill breech loading percussion carbine, one of only 300 produced. A magnificent cased Civil War presentation model 1850 Staff & Field Officer sword with silver figural hilt, inscription which reads “Presented to Capt. Jacob W. Clark/by members of the 59th Regt. N.Y.V.” is expected to fetch $25,000–35,000.

Moving through history brings a nice selection of trapdoors, Krag rifles and Colt early autos from the Indian Wars, Spanish-American War and WWI. Notable examples include an outstanding Springfield Armory Model 1875 U.S. trapdoor officer’s rifle ($25,000–37,500) and rare and desirable U.S. Springfield rod bayonet Model 1903 rifle ($9,000-20,000). An exceptional Colt Model 1902 (Military) Automatic pistol estimated at $11,000–18,000 is just one of the 100 Colt early autos in this auction.

The U.S. WWII items in this sale are amazing including a historic A-2 flight jacket of General Douglas A. MacArthur, a true American hero ($100,000-200,000) and a historical “one-of-a-kind” serial number “1” Singer Mfg. M1911 Semi-Automatic Pistol ($55,000-95,000), one of two Singers in this auction. A magnificent one-of-a-kind “turn-key” display of an all original WWII Winchester “T3” Carbine with original first pattern M-2 infrared sniper scope and accessories carries a $15,000-30,000 estimate. This section will also bring two rare Savage Military model 1907 semi-automatic trial pistols to the auction block.

Part II of the William Ashby collection leads yet another astounding selection of WWI & WWII European and Japanese Military including over 50 sniper rifles, 15 Krieghoff Lugers, over 50 pp/ppk pistols and 13 rare Bergman pistols. Some German highlights include a factory engraved, gold inlaid Walther model PP pistol with presentation NSFK dagger and capture papers ($10,000-20,000), an exceptional WWII Nazi K98 Mauser Turret style sniper rifle with Schneider scope ($12,000-16,000) and an extremely rare engraved WWII “50th Birthday” presentation Vierling from “Die Fuhrer to the Group Commanders of the Supply Troops” 1943 ($10,000-30,000). Other European Military includes a beautiful “One-of-a-kind” serial number 0034 “1936 dated” Polish RADOM Model V15 35 presentation pistol with gold inlaid slide inscription. Japanese Military includes 3 Baby Nambu’s, rifles, and an outstanding, complete all matching WWII “Grandpa Nambu Pistol Rig” with matching magazine and super rare matching combination wooden shoulder stock/holster and leather shoulder strap with an estimate of $16,000-25,000.

German memorabilia is also a noteworthy section in this auction including a scarce Nazi general officers uniform set with jacket, hat, pants, belt and boots and a Nazi Knights Cross to the Iron Cross with presentation case and papers. A highly attractive Prussian Gardes Du Corps helmet holds a pre-auction estimate of $10,000-15,000.

There are over 250 Winchesters, spanning over 100 years of Winchester production from the Volcanic Pistol through the Model 70 bolt-action rifle. This auction has 8 Henry Rifles and 4 Volcanic pistols; a $95,000-140,000 estimate is on an exceptionally fine iron frame Henry lever action rifle and a scarce New Haven Arms Co., Volcanic lever action No. 2 Navy pistol is valued at $12,000-17,000. A magnificent, factory documented Winchester Model 1886 deluxe 50 express take down lever action rifle ($30,000-50,000) and an exceptional late production Winchester Model 1873 saddle ring carbine ($27,500-40,000) are just two of the many lever actions in this sale. Winchester sporting is strong with a scarce Pre-64 Winchester Model 70 super grade bolt action rifle in 220 Swift, with scope ($2,000-3,000) and an exceptional Winchester Model 21 Grand American 28 gauge double barrel shotgun ($20,000-30,000), one of 14 Model 21’s in this auction.

Sporting arms continue with a nice selection of shotguns, rifles and pistols. A $30,000-60,000 estimate is on an engraved Stephen Grant sidelock double barrel shotgun, and a Special Order Spectacular Engraved Gold Inlaid Exhibition Grade Two Barrel Set 16 and 20 Gauge A. H. Fox Double Barrel Shotgun is estimated at $30,000-50,000. A scarce Parker CHE Grade 16 Gauge Double Barrel Shotgun is expected to bring $5,000-8,000, 1 of 20 Parker shotguns in this sale. Sporting rifles are led by a cased extremely rare Jeffery double barrel rifle in 600 nitro express caliber ($25,000-45,000). Other manufactures are well represented including Browning, Krieghoff, A.H. Fox, Westley Richards and Holland & Holland.

The 1100 plus antique arms include Japanese Matchlocks, Wheellocks and Miquelets. Rarity and quality are exemplified in an extremely rare 16th century Dutch child’s Wheellock pistol with ivory stock and a magnificent ornate silver and gold inlaid Japanese matchlock estimated at $40,000-60,000 and $7,500-15,000 respectively. The December Sale will offer over 30 Kentucky rifles featuring a rare and exceptional “Transitional” Kentucky rifle with Kindig authenticity letter estimated at $20,000-40,000 and an extremely rare John Armstrong Golden Age Kentucky rifle carrying an estimate of $15,000-30,000.

Nearly 200 outstanding French, Belgian and English flintlock pistols featuring fancy engraved examples, cased dueling pistols and more! Estimated to bring $60,000-80,000, is a magnificent historical cased pair of Howdah pistols belonging to Daniel O’Connell “The Liberator” of Ireland. Also crossing the auction block is a pair of rare, 17th century, Dutch ivory-stocked Wender flintlock pistols with carved Turk’s head pommels ($22,500-40,000).

The December auction contains many fine derringers, pepperboxes and curio-type pistols including a pair of factory engraved Colt third model derringers with presentation case ($14,000-22,500) and engraved Remington type II over and under derringer pistol with case ($9,500-13,000).

In its entirety, over 2700 quality lots will be offered December 3rd, 4th & 5th by Rock Island Auction Company. There is something for nearly every level of collector and certainly many genres of firearms to choose from. The December auction is catalogued in a full-color two-volume catalogue, which can be ordered through the mail ($60) or viewed online at Rock Island Auction Company is currently seeking consignments for their upcoming auctions.

Rock Island Auction Company has been solely owned and operated by Patrick Hogan. This company was conceived on the idea that both the sellers and buyers should be completely informed and provided a professional venue for a true auction. After working with two other auction companies, Mr. Hogan began Rock Island Auction in 1993. Rock Island Auction Company has grown to be one of the top firearms auction houses in the nation. Under Mr. Hogan’s guidance the company has experienced growth each and every year; and he is the first to say it is his staff’s hard work and determination that have yielded such results. Visit:

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Joey Bennett

This is an amazing collection of guns. It will be interested to see what some of them end up selling at. What is the most expensive item that you are going to be auctioning?