Larry Vickers Fires 50,000th Round in HK45 Pistol Endurance Test

Larry Vickers Fires 50,000th Round in HK45 Pistol Endurance Test

Vickers-Tactical-50000 rounds
Larry Vickers Fires 50,000th Round in HK45 Pistol Endurance Test
Vickers Tactical

Fayetteville, NC –-( If you’re like me, you’ve been following the HK45 endurance test over at

The test finally concluded at 50,000 rounds and I was honored to fire the 50,000th round through the gun that I helped bring into existence.

As expected, the gun passed the test with flying colors and amazingly experienced only a couple of minor problems… all while going 10,000 rounds between cleanings!

Thanks to Todd for letting me shoot the 50,000th round!


DANIEL DEFENSE: I recently heard a great quote from a student… “When choosing an AR, get one that was made for hunting people, not animals.” What he was getting at was the fact that Mil-Spec ARs were designed for combat. Any major deviation from Mil-Spec is a gamble on usefulness and reliability. Thankfully, Daniel Defense makes some of the best Mil-Spec guns on the market… And they live up to their motto. Lighter. Stronger. Better.

Daniel Defense has a new carbine on the market that I really like. The slick top DDM4 V5 is similar to a standard DDM4 except that it uses a mid-length gas system for additional potential reliability and a spacious 12 inch rail to protect your hands from the low profile gas block. It’s available in a standard or lightweight profile too. The V5 comes with a MagPul MOE buttstock and a 30 round PMag, a Daniel Defense vertical grip and it’s all packaged in a hardshell case. Check it out at

The Daniel Defense/Vickers Tactical Signature Series Carbine has been a success and is almost sold out. If you want one, you need to order it online ASAP. Remember it comes with most everything you need right out of the box. Aimpoint, Surefire, sling… all set up in the manner I prefer. Order yours at

RUDY PROJECT: I’m proud to announce a special offer for all of my friends and fans… a Rudy Project Discount Coupon Code. Use the code VICKERS during checkout at and get 40% off my favorite styles of shooting glasses and sunglasses.


We’ve added a new VSM Instructor in the Virginia Beach area, serving all 50 states.

Chris Frank
[email protected]
Based in Virginia
Serving all 50 states

If you haven’t seen it yet, the Blue Force Gear SOC-C Modular Padded Belt Kit is an excellent piece of gear. It’s available in a wide range of colors and fits a wide range of waist sizes. I highly recommend it. Spend some time on their new website at and be sure and check out their top notch VCAS slings while you’re there too!

SHOT Show Schedule
If you’re lucky enough to go to SHOT Show this year, come by and see me at either the Daniel Defense booth (#20271) or the Blue Force Gear booth (#26211). I’ll be alternating mornings and afternoons at each booth. You may also see me wandering around at lunch time. Feel free to stop and say hi. Hope to see you there!

My 2011 Training Schedule is complete and classes are filling up quickly. If you want to be in a class, sign up immediately. If you wait, it may be full when you do try to get in. Click here for my 2011 schedule.

Want to host a class in 2012? Please email me to reserve your dates.

Larry Vickers
Vickers Tactical, Inc.
[email protected]

Larry Vickers is a retired career special operations soldier with 20-plus years of service to our country. A longtime 1st SFOD- Delta operational member, he was a key player in the small arms marksmanship expertise and weapons selection of that Unit. He brings a very unique set of skills to the market, and has a wide and varied background in the firearms industry.


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