Tell the White House to Support H.R. 822 – National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2011

Tell the White House to Support H.R. 822 – National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2011
Long Island's premier Second Amendment Rights Community starts a petition to support H.R. 822 on the White House's website!

Tell the White House to Support H.R. 822 - National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2011
Tell the White House to Support H.R. 822 - National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2011

Ronkonkoma, NY –-( Long Island Firearms, New York's foremost online firearms enthusiast community, submitted an online petition within The White House's website to support HR 822.

A similar petition which ended yesterday had thousands of votes, however did not fulfill the minimum requirements.

The requirements from The White House’s website were changed to require a minimum of 25,000 votes in order to obtain an official reply from The President. Please sign this online petition to support HR 822:

Sign Petition here:

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  • 10 thoughts on “Tell the White House to Support H.R. 822 – National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2011

    1. restart the HR 822 petition. but this time call, e-mail and tell all gun ranges and clubs to sign the petition. i would have signed if i found out in time..

    2. All of congress needs to get back to real life, save the rights we have left. Just what is going on in your part of the woods, secret laws being pasted with votes, obama and the people he is working for have been trying for complete control for years, can’t they just live and let live. This could be a great world without the greed…..are there any good minded left in Washington.

    3. This is a great advancement for the United States and its people. For those worried about people coming to your state with firearms, please realize that 49 states already have some form of rules and or laws allowing permit holders from other states to carry within their state. Another point of interest is that almost all crimes commited with firearms are done by people who do not and can not obtain a permit to carry a firearm and are done with illegal firearms. Those of us who have permits to carry, have them for our families and our personal protection. Being a PA permit holder, I can already travel to 31 states as long as I honor their laws and rules about when and where I can carry my firearm. I think that as long as a person can obtain a permit in their home state, they SHOULD be allowed to carry in every other state. The ability of police and firearms sales people to check a person through NCIC has advanced to the point that it should be impossible for anyone to purchase a firearm if they are not legally able to do so and this carries over to the issuance of permits. This law needs to be passed to prevent honest permit holding citizens from being accused of the crime of carrying a firearm just because they travel into another state. My family and myself deserve to be protected by the 2nd Amendment at home and while traveling through the United States of America. I bet that we will see a drop in the number of crimes committed against vacationing persons as well as a drop in crimes in places of vacation. This will be a decrease in the number of crimes committed against people period and that is nothing but a GOOD THING!

    4. Let’s get this over. If a person passes all his/her state prerequesites. They are proven to be law abiding citizens. I am a retired Marine and Correctional officer. Obviously skilled in the use of fire arms. It is still nut cases that slide through the sysytem and cause these problems!

    5. I sincerely hope this reciprocity bill goes into effect soon. I have had a concealed weapons permit since 1993. When I travel in most Southern states, I am allowed to have my gun with me. But if I travel to NJ or NY to visit family, I have not been able to bring my gun. This bothers me because driving that route is the one that scares me the most. I have always felt that all states should recognize someone’s concealed weapons permit. Otherwise it makes it very difficult to travel from state to state without risking breaking the law.

    6. I am honored to see that our goverment has finally taken action allowing the Law Abiding Citizen to carry a concelled gun for protection. I live in Kentucky and I have my conceled carry linc. I am proud of having my CCW because of the regulations that one has to meet . In my state you have to be a law abbiding citizen of age 21, you have to complete the state training program and pass a back ground check. All of which are exactly what should be required. If I meet all of these requirments and get my CCW, then I shouldn’t have to worry about having a weapon in my vehicle while traveling across country on vacation. I now have to plan my road trips by searching all of the states laws which I plan on crossing. Often times, I have taken detours to avoid states that doesn’t allow fire arms in vehicles.

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