On the Fourth Day of Christmas… Four Written Words


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USA –-(Ammoland.com)- On the fourth day of Christmas, I hope my true love gives to me…

Four written words…

What’s a gift list without some great shooting books? Here’s what’s on our ‘to read’ list.

ultimate sniper

The Ultimate Sniper by Major John Plaster. The ultimate guide to long-range shooting. This just looks like a fascinating read.


Shooting the Bull by Guy Smith. A libertarian’s take on how the other side attacks the Second Amendment. So there. Infinity.


Shooting to Live by William Fairbairn. A classic written in 1942 which draws on Captain Fairbairn’s experiences from the Shanghai Municipal Police Department. Oh, and that little tussle called World War II.

guns bullets gunfights

Guns, Bullets, And Gunfights: Lessons And Tales From A Modern-Day Gunfighter by Jim Cirillo. Lessons learned prevailing over numerous gunfights in Gotham.


Three tactical pens…

Two shooting gloves…

And a Smith and Wesson M and P…


About: Tom McHale describes himself as a conservative gun-totin’ bible-clingin’ literary assault dude who enjoys finding humor in just about anything. His web blog My Gun Culture is an irreverent, twisted look at gun news bordering on the ridiculous. It covers shootin’ stuff, loud noises, defending your own, the occasional mall ninja, and about 200 years of the American way. “These are the (partially) true stories of… My Gun Culture” says Tom. Visit: www.mygunculture.com

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I think the 4 written words should be “shall not be infringed” !