FBI Warning San Antonio Gun Shops Of ‘Terror Indicators’ Exposes Another Danger

Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea
Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- “The Federal Bureau of Investigation, Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF), wishes to re-new and initiate liaison contacts with the Federal Firearms License holders and firearms ranges in the San Antonio area,” Special Agent Karl A. Kehrberg of the San Antonio Field Division wrote in a Dec. 23 letter to FFLs and range operators (see sidebar photo).

Questions about the intrusion into ATF turf aside, the point of the letter was to provide them with an “informational flier” and instruct:

“If you encounter any suspicious activity, please give us a call.”

What qualifies as “suspicious activity”?

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  • 2 thoughts on “FBI Warning San Antonio Gun Shops Of ‘Terror Indicators’ Exposes Another Danger

    1. It seems every which way but loose. There are a tone of wolves and only a few sheepdogs. The governmet is a wolf and there are some who try to slip a sheep’s pelt on. Either case we must examine the FULL letter of what’s being asked or mandated. There are those who are currently sheepdog sleeper cells who will say look do this I’m one of you and I need you to report it you see “suspicious activity”. To determine suspicious activity a person’s body language has to be readable. The eyes the walk sweat or nervousness. At a gun range I’ll admit I don’t like seeing types of people there. One shot at a patron and a bunch of untrained folks may erupt into friendly fire. That is suspicious activity but too late. So what are they asking. They are asking to create a fear of anyone with a gun to help the cause to take them away, and suspicious reports will number up and be presented as the public is living in fear. If you want to carry you OWE IT TO YOURSELF AND OTHERS TO BE PROPERLY TRAINED. and to lose the hero frame of mind but have situational awareness. Again this we all OWE. reporting people not 100% situational awareness cuz some illegal or red neck just wants to give someone hell. Be aware be vigilant be safe and above all responsible. This goes againsed obama and Killery because it will make it very difficult for them to win over the 2nd but it’s our responsibility.

    2. If I take one of my eeeevile black rifles to the range and it’s equipped with an EoTech sight, does that make me suspicious? If I have an optical scope on my ’03A3, does that make me a possible sniper?

      Big Sis has already decreed that military veterans are potential terrorist.

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