NJ Assembly Committee To Consider Ammo Ban In The Name Of Police Safety

Ammuntion Ban
NJ Assembly Committee To Consider Ammo Ban In The Name Of Police Safety

Trenton, NJ –-(Ammoland.com)- Common hunting, target, and self-defense ammunition would be subject to ban under A588, along with BB’s, airgun pellets, and plastic airsoft pellets!

Additional legislation being considered (A1013) could land gun owners in jail for refinished or damaged firearms that might be deemed “defaced

On Monday, January 30 at 2:00 p.m. the New Jersey Assembly Law & Public Safety Committee is scheduled to consider A588, legislation that would enable the Attorney General to ban all handgun and most rifle ammunition if he unilaterally determines that it “poses a threat to the safety and well being of law enforcement officers.”

Cleverly disguised as police safety legislation aimed at armor piercing ammunition (which is already prohibited under federal and state law), the measure actually opens the door to a sweeping ammunition ban by an unelected public official by executive fiat. Common hunting, target, and self-defense ammunition would be subject to ban, along with BB’s, airgun pellets, and non-metallic ammunition like plastic airsoft pellets, if the Attorney General decides that they pose a threat to the safety and well being of law enforcement.

Although the bill only mentions handgun ammunition, it is in fact not limited to handgun ammunition, and would apply to all rifle ammunition for which a handgun if ever made. As an increasing number of gun manufacturers make handgun models that shoot rifle caliber ammunition, the line between “handgun” vs. “rifle” ammunition has become blurred, and the New Jersey State Police have already begun treating rifle ammunition in this category as if it were handgun ammunition for regulatory purposes.

So long as a handgun exists that shoots a particular caliber of rifle ammunition, New Jersey treats that ammunition as if it were handgun ammunition.

The Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee is also scheduled to consider A1013 on Monday. One provision of this police safety legislation significantly increases the penalties relating to “defaced” firearms. Because of New Jersey’s longstanding poorly crafted definition of “defaced” firearms, it is possible that refinishing a firearm, or long-term damage from rust or scratches from ordinary wear and tear, could be deemed “defacement” subjecting honest gun owners to lengthy prison sentences, even though identifying information on the firearm is still legible.



About Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs:

The Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs, Inc. is the official NRA State Association in New Jersey. Our mission is to implement all of the programs and activities at the state level that the NRA does at the national level. This mission includes the following: To support and defend the constitutional rights of the people to keep and bear arms. To take immediate action against any legislation at the local, state, and federal level that would infringe upon these rights. Visit: www.anjrpc.org

Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs

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There will be riots, and chaos if you keep comming with all this fascist bullshit, we will not stand-by and watch our rights being taken away. You think making them ilegal will stop everything? In my country it has been ilegal for ever, and everynight at least 10 persons are arrested for carrying a loaded gun or shooting it. Belive me, making it illegal will only make it worst, there will be alot of 'criminals' and crowded jails, and people agaisnt the goverment/law.. You'll get into deep shit, as we already are.

Southern Man

I like the comments here, the folks of NJ deserve better if they demand it. My feeling sitting here in a free Southern state is that in my mind I am developing a map of the US where there are simply no-go zones. This has been discussed before in terms of race elsewhere but I add to this states or cities that are no longer under the US Constitution and Its freedoms enumerated within. For example, someone here from Pa. talked about bopping into NJ by error and escaped to tell the story. While most of Pa. is a free… Read more »

Janice Kreidel, RN

There comes a time when all good citizens may have to take up arms to put an end to a tryannical government. Trust me when I say that an ammo ban is just the begining. Several thousand citizen militia marching to the capitol of NJ fully armed with rifles, pistols, and handguns will say a lot more than calling your local politician.

Do you really think that police officers will start shooting law abiding USA citizens? If they do it will be the begining of a civil insurrection…


To live as I do in the freedom loving state of Arizona, is a blessing. The people of the eastern states have the government that they deserve, if you want a nanny state you lose freedoms.

Tim Duckworth

It just gets sillier and sillier. I'm fortunate enough to live in Texas where reason is more common; but I'm not laughing at NJ. I've been around long enough to know that what happens there could also happen here, or Wyoming, or California, or everywhere. The price of liberty is constant vigilance-and getting off our asses to vote, write our congress-people, or whatever it takes. If the 2nd amendment can be diluted or nullified, how long will our other rights last?


I think you're right, Demosthenes. Christie has turned out to be a disappointment.

Demosthenes Locke

I keep telling people…Chris Christie is NOT A CONSERVATIVE. He's a gun-grabbing Liberal who just happens to have a beef with the unions. Just because he's a little bit reasonable in one small area doesn't make him a conservative. He's a global-warming touting, gun-grabbing, cap-and-taxing, Liberal!

Get RID of the liberals in the government and put in people who really stand for individual rights!


I agree with the one poster above. I'm sick and tired of these blogs telling us to "ask" our representitives to do what we want done. They damn well better start doing what we tell them to do, otherwise we start charging them as criminals of the state!


take 1/8 of your population (approx. 1 million people)

take your arms and your ammo and march on Trenton.

That will cure this immediately.

Your capitol city could never handle 1 million people marching……

show your force.

Dick Bailey

A friend and i were discussing gun contro about 6 months ago…My friend said the government could never take away our guns because there are too many…My response was they don't have to ban guns only ammo and ammo making tools…Is this the begining?


Anyone else think this is just a ploy to get people to buy ammo? Make others rich and drive up stock prices?

F Riehl, Editor in Chief

No, no one else thinks that..


The people of New Jersey need to stand up and raise some hell! Can I help?

Hunter of Grifs

More politicians passing dopey legislation. "Look at me! I'm tough on crime! blah blah blah. I stood up to the NRA." Meanwhile the State is going down the tubes and all they can think up to do is this gun nonsense to fill space on their next election year mailing? How about this, Mr Bottom Feeder politician: The US Supreme Court has held that the 2nd Amendment covers owning firearms for the purpose of defending oneself against violence, insurrection and the occasional tyranny. As in Nazi Germany, the police may theoretically make up the oppressive class in some unfortunate future.… Read more »


I live in Arizona. Our laws were good before, but lately they've been relaxed to allow concealed carry w/o a permit. They can be carried into any establishment, unless signs are posted prohibiting them. No restrictions on anything related to gun carry, and to my knowledge there has been no increase of violence associated with the relaxed laws. We are America!!

Thomas Bleming

I live in Wyoming (since 1995). We have few (if any) gun laws. On July 1st, 2011 our governor signed into law a bill that permits all residents, as well as visitors (over 18 years old), the right to carry a concealed deadly weapon WITHOUT a permit. Wyoming always has permitted the carrying of firearms in the open, however, prior to July 1st, 2011, to carry a concealed weapon, one had to have a CDW licence. We have no restrictions on ammo, no restrictions on private sales or at gun shows. I strongly urge everyone to resist giving up your… Read more »


More business that will just go across the river to PA, or even better Deleware where there is no sales tax.


I sit here in eastern Madera county in California and laugh.


Nothing to look at sheeple. Keep on moving just another fuck the Constitution law….

I think we need to start trying for treason and executing legislatures that want to be tyrants. I think it might put a crimp in their style if they lost their heads.

Robert Krawiec

Moved from N.J. last May, should have done it sooner.MInnesota's taxes are what we paid a month there.Pistol purchase is fill out app and 7 days later pick up permit( good for 1 year and unlimited handguns). CCW is shall issue, unlike the republik of New Jersey. Would never go back except son and family still reside behind the curtain. Definitely make sure carry gun stays home, sadly because Jersey will not honor out of state CCW permit holders.


Looks to me like the people of NJj should member that come next election. If more people were to take steps to get these dirt bags out of office the second they show their true colors. This country could possibly be turned around.

Tsgt B

Achtung! Sieg Heil!!!

Been to New Jersey one time, by accidently crossing a bridge from Philly, and committed at least 52 FELONIES simply for having an unlicensed, unregistered handgun and 50 rounds of contoled expansion (NJ Assemby: read that cop-killing hollowpoints) 9mm ammo. Luckily I escaped without detection and with my freedom and rectum intact. I once thought NJ was part of America, until they proved me wrong. Screw you, NJ. I'll never go back.

Mike OConnor

In the name of Police Safety huh?

So making ammo illegal will prevent criminals from getting it?'

The only ones who will comply with this are the law abiding citizens who should have the right to buy ammunition for their firearms.

Once again it just makes the criminals more powerful in relation to their law abiding victims.

This is just whackery run amuck.

Who thinks up this stuff?


This isn't new. As a geezer I still remember the 1967 Newark riots and the NJ ban on ammo sales that resulted. Take heed, New Jersians. The liberals are coming! The liberals are coming!


Welcome to Chris Christie's "conservative America"!