Do Giants, Patriots, and NFL Support Use of Trademarked Items in Anti-Gun Ad?

Taxpayers at all levels of government have foot the bill for football stadiums to the tune of an estimated $1 billion every year.
Do Giants, Patriots And NFL Support Use Of Trademarked Items In Anti-Gun Ad?

USA –-( “During Super Bowl, for 30 Seconds, 2 Mayors Will Be on Same Side,” The New York Times reports.  Like these two aren’t, in all matters except for their trivial entertainment choices.

The half-minute ad features Mr. Bloomberg and Boston’s mayor, Thomas M. Menino, ribbing each other as they cheer for their respective teams and cities. But then they turn to the purpose of their spot, declaring that one thing they agree on is the need for stricter federal gun control laws.

You know—what their side demands when they’re not screaming for “home rule”…

They’re wearing Giants and Patriots jerseys with NFL logos while they do so, with team hats on a coffee table in front of them. And they begin their spot calling out the names of the teams.

“We don’t agree on much,” Bloomberg claims.

“But we both support the Second Amendment,” Menino mumbles, setting Bloomberg up to immediately begin endorsing “common sense” infringements.

And supporting them is “the Patriotic thing to do,” Menino slurs.

“You can make a Giant difference in our country,” Bloomberg agrees.

See the spot in the sidebar video player.

It seems truth in advertising only applies to those who want to separate you from your money.  Those going after your freedom have made sure they’re exempt.

What’s unclear is whether the NFL and its member professional football clubs need to authorize the use of their trademarked and licensed logos, symbols, designs, team names…or is anyone free to make a commercial using them to imply an endorsement and score political points? And can we do it with any “hot button issue” sure to stir up significant ire?

They no doubt approve this ad—after all, it brings in “hundreds of thousands of dollars” in ad revenue from the northeast region, to help NBC pay for broadcast rights.

Still, why not ask them if we can wear their paraphernalia and call out team names in spots of our own that call for for nationwide Constitutional carry, ending the ban on new machine guns, and the ridiculous and presumptuous prohibition against direct interstate firearm transfers by We [the unlicensed] People?

Do you think if someone did a YouTube spot they’d hear from the lawyers?

About David Codrea

David Codrea is a long-time gun rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He is a field editor for GUNS Magazine, and a blogger at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance. Read more at

David Codrea

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Gary Moeller

The ad is designed to fool the uninformed. Bloomberg is a rich fool himself and doesn't care about copyrights and trademarks.


They "support" the 2nd amendment? How big did their noses grow? The right could never get away with a wopper like that.