Iowa Firearms Preemption Bill to Committee Vote Tomorrow

Iowa State Flag
Iowa State Flag

IOWA – -( Contact Public Safety Committee members today and urge them to vote YES tomorrow on HF 2114, the Iowa Firearm Preemption Act.

Ask these members to vote YES and support current state law in Iowa code 724.7 and 724.28 that explicitly state that permit holders should be allowed to carry anywhere except where state and federal law allow. Punishing law-abiding citizens that are fully screened and have had extensive background checks by disallowing them access to public buildings is dishonoring to Iowans.

It also puts honest, law-abiding citizens at risk of inadvertently violating these unnecessary, illegal laws that fail to offer protection from criminals to begin with.

IFC and the NRA have been working hard to defend the rights of Iowans and we need you to e-mail and call today on this important issue.

Check out the NRA-ILA Alert as well for more information.

Iowa Firearms Coalition put together a comprehensive package for activists to fight these preemption issues at the city and county levels around the state. Our organization spent much of 2011 fighting dozens of local battles in Washington Co., Kalona, Ft. Madison, Marion, Keokuk, Jefferson Co., Burlington, Benton Co., Oskaloosa, Ottumwa, Carroll, Plymouth Co., Woodbury Co., Emmet and many, many more city and county battles across the state with tremendous success, but some jurisdiction insisted on hampering the rights of honest, law-abiding citizens. Some cities have even gone to the extreme of implementing wanding procedures for law-abiding citizens prior to entering city council meetings.

This kind of fight is a difficult task for a totally volunteers organization, but yet with true grassroots activism our members mobilized by the dozens to take our preemption message to the streets. Becoming a member today, or donating to our cause, helps us put 100% of your funds toward fighting for Second Amendment rights in Iowa.

IFC is the only Iowa-based pro-Second Amendment organization in Iowa that has a history of tangible victories at the Capitol and around the state in dozens of counties and cities. Please consider supporting us today to help us continue being the leading firearms rights organization in Iowa!

Also, be sure to encourage your friends to join our e-mail alert list today absolutely free! Our organization only utilizes your e-mail for IFC purposes and will not sell you out to other groups trying to make a buck on other issues. We are a Second Amendment centric organization that will not ever sell out, or give out, your personal data to any non-IFC entity!

Thanks for supporting us in the fight,

Jeff Burkett
President – Iowa Firearms Coalition
NRA Endowment Member

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