Nebraska Senator Tony Fulton Makes Victim Protection Act His Priority Bill

Nebraska State Flag
Nebraska State Flag

LINCOLN, NE –-( Senator Tony Fulton announced that he’s making LB804, the Victim Protection Act, his priority bill for this session.

For this, Senator Fulton received praise from the Nebraska Firearms Owners Association (NFOA) and other citizen groups who have been asking the Legislature for a Victim Protection Act in Nebraska.

Additional information on LB804, the Victim Protection Act, can be found at

“Today Senator Fulton has stood up and shown that protecting victims of crime in Nebraska is one of his top priorities,” NFOA President Andy Allen stated.

“This bill is not just a priority for the Senator; it’s a priority for Nebraska. Once passed, crime victims will be protected by immunity against civil lawsuits if a criminal intruder or his family tries to sue the victim for injuries the criminal received while committing his crime. It’s hard to believe, but under current Nebraska law, if a criminal is injured by the victim defending themselves, then the criminal can sue the victim even if the victim is found not guilty of a crime or reckless behavior. LB804 will protect crime victims in Nebraska.”

The Victim Protection Act would provide Nebraskans three important protections:

  1. Provide civil immunity to a victim of crime from being sued by their criminal attacker (or the criminal’s family) if the victim uses force to defend themselves and is also found to be not guilty of a criminal or reckless act.
  2. Provide ability to presume that someone who isn’t supposed to be in your house and who has entered with force is there to do harm to you or your family.
  3. Extend ability to use force to defend yourself while in your vehicle.

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