Louisiana Bill Will Provide Clear Definition of Switchblades

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WASHINGTON, DC –-(Ammoland.com)- The American Knife & Tool Institute (AKTI) is working to add the great state of Louisiana to the growing list of states that have changed statutes to more clearly define what is NOT an illegal knife and protect the rights of knife owners.

Louisiana residents need to encourage their legislators to support SB 78 which revises Section 1. R.S. 14:95 regarding what is considered an illegal weapon to carry in Louisiana.

At the suggestion of AKTI member David Clayton, the American Knife & Tool’s Legal Contributing Counsel Dan Lawson reached out last summer to Louisiana Senator Dan Morrish, District 25.

Senator Morrish, who actually goes by Senator Dan “Blade” Morrish, quickly realized the problem with the statute and the confusion over what is and is not a switchblade. Mr. Lawson worked with Senator Morrish’s office to draft wording for SB 78 which the Senator introduced on March 12.

Senator Morrish summarized the resulting bill very well. “SB 78 will provide the citizens of Louisiana the ability to legally purchase, carry and use knives that have been classified by current law as illegal and associated with the ‘switchblade’. SB 78 clearly separates utility, work and hunting knives manufactured with new techniques and technology from the ‘switchblade’ classification. SB 78 attempts to align Louisiana law with federal law and to give citizens and law enforcement a clear definition of legal and illegal knives.” (Senator Dan “Blade” Morrish, District 25 of the Louisiana Senate)

SB 78 will be heard at the Senate Judiciary C Committee meeting Tuesday morning, March 27, 2012, and AKTI will provide expert support to encourage the Committee to pass the bill on to the Senate.

“Sportsmen, knife enthusiasts, and working men and women will appreciate this conscientious clarification of the Louisiana knife law. Certainly, the efforts of Sen. Dan Morrish (R-Jennings) and the American Knife & Tool Institute, especially Dan Lawson, AKTI Legal Contributing Counsel, are really appreciated. It is now in the hands of the State Legislature to follow through. Our Louisiana Legislators need to know how we feel about this bill,” emphasized AKTI Member David Clayton.

Under Louisiana law, a uniform standard applies, so this legislative change will be a win for all Louisiana residents. If passed, this law will be effective August 1, 2012.

The bill’s progress can be followed on the Louisiana State Legislature’s website https://www.legis.state.la.us/ or check out the American Knife & Tool Institute’s website www.AKTI.org for updates on this and other initiatives they are working on to change restrictive knife laws around the U.S., ensuring the rights of all knife owners, retailers, importers, and manufacturers.

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