NRA-Backed Legislation Sent to SC House Floor

Graham Secures Second Amendment For South Carolina, iStock-884217816
NRA-Backed Legislation Sent to SC House Floor, iStock-884217816

Charlotte, NC –-(  Yesterday, the South Carolina House Judiciary Committee approved two NRA-backed bills, both of which would make a number of significant improvements for firearms owners and dealers in the Palmetto State.

Both bills will now be scheduled for consideration on the House floor as early as next week.  Contact your state Representative today and encourage him or her to support both of these bills!

House Bill 3665, introduced by state Representatives Dan Cooper (now resigned), Mike Pitts (R-14), and Bill Taylor (R-86), would repeal the unnecessary requirement that Federal Firearms License (FFL) holders also be licensed by the state in order to sell handguns.  This requirement is a remnant of the old One-Handgun-A-Month law that the NRA worked successfully to repeal in 2004.  This bill would also repeal the prohibition on selling handguns inSouth Carolina that fail to meet an arbitrarily determined “melting point” standard, which is also tied into the handgun licensing provision.  The subcommittee removed the state dealer licensing repeal language when it was decided a fiscal impact would need to be determined for this provision.  Rather than delay consideration of the “melting point” repeal provision, that section was passed on its own, and the NRA will work with legislators to address the handgun dealer licensing repeal after the fiscal impact has been determined.

House Bill 4494, introduced by state Representatives Chip Huggins (R-85), Deborah Long (R-45), and Mike Pitts, would amend South Carolina law to comply with the federal standard that allows long guns to be purchased by South Carolinians in non-contiguous (not bordering) states.  Current law in the palmetto state restricts residents to purchasing long guns only in contiguous (bordering) states.

Both of these bills will be considered by the House in the near future, even as early as next week.  Please encourage your state Representative’s support of these bills.  Contact information for your State Legislators can be found by clicking here.

Your NRA-ILA will continue to keep you updated on the status of these bills and other firearms-related legislation being considered by the South Carolina Legislature this session.


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SC needs to honor my Georgia permit, or at least honor a permit that I obtain from a state that it honors, except for me as a non-resident. Every year, I spend thousands of dollars in Florida, some of which would be spent in SC if not for their idiotic gun laws. – The choice is theirs…

SC Resident

How about that Open Carry bill that the Governor promised to sign? Where is that at?