Introducing the ATI GSG STG-44 Rifle

ATI GSG STG-44 Rifle
ATI GSG STG-44 Rifle
American Tactical Imports
American Tactical Imports

ROCHESTER, NY –-( American Tactical Imports, a worldwide importer of firearms, is proud to introduce a new model in the GSG lineup, the GSG STG-44.

The German Sport Guns .22LR STG-44 is the newest addition to the exciting line of GSG firearms.

The demo was introduced at SHOT Show 2012, but now the GSG STG-44 from ATI is ready for shipping in the U.S. The STG 44 (Sturmgewehr 44, literally “Storm Rifle”) was designed in 1944 in Nazi Germany and is considered by many historians to be the first modern assault rifle.

Designed to precisely imitate the WWII Sturmgewehr, the .22 LR GSG STG-44 features a weight of 9.5lbs, a 17.2” barrel, an overall length of 37.2” and real solid wood furniture. It is available with 10 or 25 round capacity magazines and comes shipped in an Eastern Pine box hand-crafted by the Amish in the mountain region of New York state.

MSRP for the GSG STG-44 is $599.95.

American Tactical Imports is the exclusive U.S. representative of quality firearms, ammunition and equipment from around the globe. They have quickly established themselves as a reputable and recognized importer. ATI replaces the manufacturer as the exclusive representative in the distribution chain, only selling to legitimate distributors in the United States. To order American Tactical Imports’ products, inquire about its distributors at your local gun shop, or visit the website below.

ATI GSG STG-44 Sturmgewehr Rifle
ATI GSG STG-44 Sturmgewehr Rifle

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  • 3 thoughts on “Introducing the ATI GSG STG-44 Rifle

    1. I just bought one yesterday and haven't had a chance to shoot it. I really like right out of the box. I am really glad you came out with this gun. I have a GSG 1911-45 and it is fantastic

    2. As I posted elsewhere, if a 7.62 X 39 StG-44 (let alone a .223) hasn't been done in 68 years, then it ain't gonna happen. An attempted centerfire 44 reproduction would probably open whole new kettles of red taped fish with the demented Frankenlawyer bureaucrats who run ATFE, so just fuhgeddaboutit. As for the comments below, I live in Mass., and short and sweet, I'll be holding my nose somewhat yet again and voting for imperfect Mitt. The other guy is definitely a disaster-in-waiting for gun owners. Any of you huffing jackasses who won't vote for him to 'send a message' or some of that other 'cut your own noses off to spite your own faces' on principle idiotic crap – I won't just say I told you so, I'll be coming to your HOUSES arsenal in hand as a full-blown resistant separatist ENEMY. COUNTon it.

    3. Hello. Don't know if you remember me, but I brought up making an STG.44 about a year and a half ago. Glad to see you made one. Although I'm a little dissapointed in the caliber. What you should have done is made it in 223. Any plans for introduction in a real bullet version?

      Thanks, Tom

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