Commentary: Putting the “Sport” Back Into the Shooting Sports

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Commentary: Putting the “Sport” Back Into the Shooting Sports

Canada –-(  The tremendous political pressure from anti-firearms groups in recent years has been knocking sport shooters off their game. It’s time to reclaim our turf.

Sports shooters have been forced into an advocacy role during the registry debate. Many of us have been consumed with the important tasks of letter writing, politicking, government relations, and blogging. While the road to firearms fairness in provincial and federal legislation is still rife with potholes, we will all benefit if our heritage sport refocuses on nurturing the next generation of shooters.

It is essential for clubs across the nation to create new opportunities for friendly competition and good sportsmanship. The future of sport shooting will prosper if we open our doors to young people and novices to share our enjoyment and expertise.

Witness the East Elgin Sportsman’s Association In Aylmer, Ontario. John Evers is the association president and a regional director of the Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA). His club sponsored a recent open house that attracted hundreds of people to check out the facilities and try their hand at shooting. The Selkirk Junior Rifle Club has also been actively introducing Manitoba youth to the shooting sports. This is walking the walk. In the spirit of other associations that introduce novices to soccer, golf, curling, and many other sports, we need our clubs to create some media buzz.

Please let us know at CSSA E-News when you have events planned at your club so we can help spread the word. We are pleased to announce your open houses, competitions, events, and functions in our national email program. Your ideas for creating new shooters are always welcome, too.

There remain some Canadians who share the perception that all firearms are potentially evil. Sport shooters can contribute to the educational process by explaining the actual potential of their tools — guns are fun to shoot, and competitions can lead to the lifelong pursuit of excellence. The shooting sports are a meeting place for science, physics, and good health. Let’s challenge others to share our enthusiasm.

Read the news items below to appreciate how hard-working volunteers can tap into the future by attracting sport shooters today. We invite everyone to use the CSSA E-News as a vehicle to help get the job done.

Please send your club announcements and ideas to CSSA acting executive director Tony Bernardo at [email protected]

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