FFLGuard Opposes Dangerous Legislation in CA on Behalf of Its Clients

California AR15 Magazine Conversion Kits
California AR15 Magazine Conversion Kits

Sacramento, CA –-(Ammoland.com)- CA Senate Bill 249 (SB 249), by Senator Leeland Yee, would prohibit the importation, sale, and possession of so-called “assault weapon” conversion kits in California.

SB 249, which started out as an agricultural bill, was amended on May 22 following a CBS news story focusing on semi-automatic firearms.

If enacted, SB 249 could ban the ownership of AR-15s and many other magazine-fed semi-automatic firearms and common magazine release components.

This bill is currently being amended again and no one is clear what the amended language will ultimately be. Regardless of what this bill looks like in the end, SB 249 is an anti-gun bill and MUST be OPPOSED. In any form, FFLGuard’s concerns regarding SB 249 include the fact that it could make criminals out of law-abiding citizens. SB 249 is inherently vague, ambiguous and overbroad, and could make it unlawful to possess hundreds of thousands of otherwise lawful firearms and components.

SB 249 is expected to be heard and voted on this Tuesday, July 3 in the state Assembly Committee on Public Safety. The state Assembly Committee on Public Safety needs to hear from ALL of California’s gun owners and firearm businesses urging them to OPPOSE SB 249.

To contact the Public Safety Committee using the NRA’s “one-click” system, click here: http://www.nramemberscouncils.com/legs/asmpubsafety.shtml

FFLGuard began working on this issue for its CA clients in cooperation with the NRA, CRPA and lawyers at Michel and Associates, P.C. as soon as SB 249 became a gun bill to oppose this dangerous legislation. Through the NRA’s and CRPA’s lobbyists in Sacramento, FFLGuard has been working tirelessly to stop SB 249, and is among the only dealer-driven organizations that is working to address this dangerous and oppressive issue with the NRA, CRPA, and counsel from Michel and Associates, P.C.

FFLGuard is an innovative program offered by a collection of lawyers, subject matter experts, and professionals who provide participating Federal Firearms Licensees across the country with cost-efficient access to legal compliance specialists — delivering educational training and rapid response services — with a focus on safeguarding the viability of the client’s FFL through proactive firearms compliance.

FFLGuard’s National Coordinating Counsel, Christopher Chiafullo, identifies the need for FFLGuard to represent its CA client constituency when threatened: “Our largest dealer base is in California, and firearms dealers on the west coast need our help and national presence to deliver them from back-door deals aimed at threatening the viability of their FFL. I can think of no one more equipped than our Preferred Counsel for California Legislation and Litigation, Chuck Michel, to mount a defense for California retailers with FFLGuard’s support.”

About FFLGuard

To get involved and participate in FFLGuard, vist www.fflguard.com or call (888) FFL-GRD1.

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bob bates

where can I purchse these buttons.

Matel Onely

They didn't meet on 3 July by the look of their website. I wonder what the state of the bill is?


I would just move out of Kommiefornia and let them all go to Hell together. Fags,dems, antis,etc,etc, etc

Michael Beatty

It never stops in California. Every year some new restrictive gun laws are proposed to infringe upon law abiding sportsman. This is one of the most restrictive laws since the assault weapons ban in this state several years ago. I am giving as much as I can afford to CRPA and the NRA to oppose this Bill. The word needs to get out to all the Gun Shows so they can make gun owners aware of the restrictions they will face if SB 249 passes. The DEMORATS are at it again and again and again………