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USA –-( A captured Fast and Furious murder suspect, a documentary in the making, and a Federal Firearms Licensee fighting revocation by ATF were all subjects explored last week in the Gun Rights Examiner column.

Last Sunday, we looked at what the capture of a suspect in the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry captured in Mexico means in terms of obtaining justice and getting to the truth about our government’s role in the Operation Fast and Furious “gunwalking.” One thing not mentioned by the “Authorized Journalists” of mainstream media: If we expect Jesus Leonel Sanchez Meza to stand trial in the U.S., we’ll need to provide the Mexican government with assurances that the death penalty will not be sought, due to the terms and conditions of our extradition treaty. Click here for details.

On Monday, we learned of a new documentary being produced, “Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire.” Looking at citizen disarmament efforts underway in California, Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Kris Koenig is connecting the dots to show how what starts in the Golden State invariably worms its way eastward, and the threat that poses to us all. Using historical examples to include the Battle of Athens and the Deacons for Defense, Koenig hopes to awaken more Americans to the dangers of “gun control,” and is recruiting all of us to help him do that. Click here to find out how.

Wednesday and Saturday returned readers to a story introduced last August, how the security firm Brink’s. Inc., is fighting to retain its FFL from ATF bureaucrats trying to revoke it. Not only is ATF violating its own procedures, and apparently the law, they’re setting things up so that Brink’s will have to defend itself without being able to compel sworn testimony from the very official who wants to strip them of their license, plus it looks like they lied to the court in order to derail a hearing! The good news is, and this is breaking and exclusive news you won’t find anywhere else, the court has ordered a hearing for tomorrow afternoon (Monday, Sept. 17) to address Brink’s motion for judicial review. This is very important, because, unlike smaller FFLs, Brink’s has the resources to defend its rights, and the results of its efforts could have beneficial effects on the industry as a whole to compel ATF to apply the same and equitable standards to all. Click the links to read Parts One, Two and Three of this developing story.

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