Saying You Are Pro Gun is Just Not Enough


Saying Your Pro Gun is Just Not Enough
Saying Your Pro Gun is Just Not Enough
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New Jersey –-( I said this the other day, but I believe it is important enough, the coming storm dire enough, that it bears repeating , albeit with additions.

As we gather with our friends and loved ones in the coming days to celebrate the holiday’s, take a moment to reflect (and if so inclined pray for) the victims of the Connecticut Massacre.

But also take a moment to reflect (and if so inclined pray for) yourself, and our Nation and ask yourself what you are willing to do, what sacrifices are you personally prepared to make to ensure that those in Congress do not get away with ghoulishly exploiting this tragedy to further increase their stranglehold on power and control.

We all have lives and responsibilities outside the 2 A movement that’s true. And most times it seems there simply isn’t enough hours in the day, believe me I know. But, is that football game on TV more important then organizing a rally , writing a letter , calling a talk show, or speaking to a group of potential patriots? Is sitting on your couch more important then sitting in ( or even outside) your legislators office and making it clear that you will not go away until your views are heard and actually respected? Is reading Cosmo or Vanity Fair or Popular Mechanics more important then reading the philosophy of the Founding Fathers and educating yourself on the facts regarding the endless fallacies put forth as undisputed facts by our enemies?

And finally this …………… are you simply an “arm chair commando” full of false bravado and lots of talk? Or are you truly willing to take up the mantle of the Founder’s and risk your fortune, lives and sacred honor in taking a stand against tyranny and for liberty? Do you want your legacy to be one of being remembered in the histories as a turtle, pulling in your head and hiding? Or as a patriot, who if the worst comes to pass, will be remembered as willing to fight and make whatever sacrifices are required in defense of freedom?

How will you answer your children and grandchildren in the future when they ask you with pain in their eyes why you did nothing to fight for their future freedom?

Pick up the phone, the pen, a keyboard or a protest sign today and make your voice heard.

More articles, commentary and information by D. Roberts available at That Every Man Be

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You gave me your pedigree I shall give you mine. I also have a BS, I am a law enforcement sgt, firearms instructor, rangemaster and policesniper. I don't waive my guns around- in fact here in the states if you asked most people about their guns most would tell you to mind your damn business. You have proved my point for me. What you call common sense law is your justification of a loss of the freedom of self preservation. A firearm that is locked and seperate from ammo is useless when needed. How many Australian lives have been lost… Read more »


You are right, I'm Australian. Wouldn't swap. I'm watching this debate unfold from safely across the Pacific. I also have several marksman awards and a bachelor degree. I don't know, maybe I want to 'have my cake and eat it too' as the saying goes. I enjoy target shooting. Hypocrite you might scream, but no, I believe you can enjoy shooting and still be responsible with ownership. We have strict but in my opinion sensible gun laws. We don't have concealed carry. We must store weapon and ammo separately, under lock and key. Certain weapon types require club membership to… Read more »


Also I don't consider any other country to be as free as the USA. People in the UK are over taxed, cannot choose their own healthcare, cannot defend themselves with firearms and most importantly- subjects to the crown. I sir, am a free man. I am beholden to no other. I bow to no one unlike this President who feels the need to bow to any 2 bit dictator. I am Free to choose my course in life, my own Dr, my own property and to defend my freedom with firearms should the need arise. I sir, do not need… Read more »


Reread my post and read our founding documents. I never said God wrote the constitution. "Endowed by our creator" means given to us by Him. Our rights our given to us by God and are unalienable- not subject to the law of man.

And syria lybia and others were once countries that held meaningful elections. So they were once similary free but are no longer. Those countries are perfect examples. Merry Christmas! Now stop trying to take my guns away from.

"Shall not be infringed!"


Oh Bucktrout – how you twist the argument.

Syria, Lybia and Iran aren't free countries – never have been, and you shouldn't be comparing your country to theirs as a way to make the USA look good.

Try comparing the USA with Scotland, Australia, England and France. These are free countries. Countries which vote – like yours. Then your arguments don't look so good.

P.S. God didn't write the American constitution.


The rest of the free world- like syria, lybia, lebanon and iran. Its the Bill of Rights not the bill of needs. And if you say the founding fathers didnt know there would be assault weapons and the the 2a is no longer valid- then i say your freedom of speech is limited to the printing press, your freedom of religion is limited to christianity and being agnostic and search and seizure doesnt apply to cars, rv's only horse and buggy. The 2a is a right given to us by God alone- as stated. What part of shall not be… Read more »


LOL, hate to burst your bubble Benno, but I don't get paid one thin dime for my writings.


So you really think the only reason you are free is because you have guns?

How do you explain the rest of the free world?

The whole purpose of this part of the site is propaganda.

That's what these editorials (paid opinion articles) are.


Yes, having guns is what made us free and it's what keeps us free. Benno, you aren't accomplishing anything here other than making yourself look stupid. Why do you come onto this site? Answer: to try and spread your propoganda in hopes that someone will agree with you or that you can get a convert. It's not happening, though it is entertaining to watch your tiny mind try to construct a logical statement.


So, VT Patriot, you are saying if the right to bear arms wasn't in the constitution, the document would be worthless. That's exactly what you said – "The 2A is the one that allows us to practice all the oter rights."

Somehow you think that without a gun you aren't free.

You having a gun is not what makes you free.


How do other countries get by without it? Other countries I might add which are safer and more prosperous.

Ooohh the government! The government! Fear the gevernment! Are you the same people who think the world ends(ended) on the 21st December?

So jerry sweet thinks if someone is a politician then they are a rapist?

I see on the news another shooting has occurred.

If you all have so many guns, and are saying that you have them to protect 'the people', where were you?


Benno is a Liberal that worships Obama and I bet Benno thinks it's okay that Dianne Feinstein carries a gun, but has been pushing gun control on the common people for years. Benno must be one of those jelly fish, because you can't have a back bone and be that Passive!

The 2nd Amendment is the Law of the Land!

VT Patriot

What is so tough to understand about the second ammendment? It was added to the constitution so that we would never be in the position of Germany, Russia, China and so on. When the govt gets out of control, we should have the right to defend ourselves, our homes, and last but by no means least, our human rights to live free. The 2A is the one that allows us to practice all the oter rights. Without it, the others will disappear within days. "shall not be infringed" is strong wording, perhaps the strongest in the entire document.

jerry sweet

well,a bunch of us could care less what YOU think on the people having a cupboard full of guns.the feds have them and they plan on killing YOU with them.i think i'll just go buy another one.i want to drill an enemy at least 1500 yards away.remember lib. the 2nd amendment is there for the very purpose to remind us when humans in gov think they have God like power then we are duty bound to remove sell or throw away the only defense you have so when they come in and rape your daughter in front of you.… Read more »


You sound like they're taking away something you can't live without. That life wouldn't be worth living in a country that didn't allow you to have a cupboard full of automatic rifles. Well I disagree. I don't believe every citizen should be provided the capability to kill another citizen 200 metres away. (Sorry, 200 yards) I read how you advocate everyone having an M1 Garand at home because it's a part of history. So is mustard gas. So are Leopard tanks. I recommend everyone have one of those to drive to the shops and damn anyone to hell who says… Read more »


It's really hard to put forth an intelligent, compelling article when the title has the word 'your' instead of 'you're'. If we want to sound like intelligent, reasoned, advocates, we need to come across that way.

F Riehl, Editor in Chief

Barry; good catch, fixed, Thanks for having our back.