Pro Gun Defenders, Your Last Chance To Speak On The UN Arms Trade Treaty

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By Jeff Moran

TSM Worldwide LLC
TSM Worldwide LLC

New York, NY –-( The United Nations is now accepting applications by established gun,  hunting, and self-defense rights civil society groups to speak at the final plenary meeting of the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty Conference on Monday, March 18th.

 The Deadline to submit an application is January 31, 2013.

The United Nations is currently accepting requests by new non-governmental organizations to attend and make their views known with respect to the highly controversial Arms Trade Treaty.  Groups are welcome and would clearly help balance the views of traditionally overly represented groups like IANSA ( ) and the Control Arms Campaign ( ), which seek to impose categorical bans on commonly used arms used for self-defense, hunting, and competitive marksmanship in the United States and elsewhere.

Again,  the deadline is January 31, 2013.  The process is specified in the official Aide Memoire For Non-Governmental Organizations, which available at the United Nations Website here.

The Arms Trade Treaty has been negotiated over the course of a decade and is now in the final meeting.  The UN information site for relevant background documents is here.  TSM Worldwide LLC has written other potentially useful  resources here.

If your group is approved to attend by the UN credentialing team, and this is your first time going, please feel free to contact TSM Worldwide at +1 877.768.4164 to sign up for PRO-BONO consulting and writing services.  We would be delighted to help any organization seeking to represent the many  interests of   international civil society groups representing  the  interests of international competitive shooters, hunters, and self-defense groups.


TSM Worldwide LLC is a business consultancy & service partner focused on providing discreet market and non-market strategic services to firms and organizations committed to the  international shooting, hunting, and outdoor recreation industry.

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The United Nations is the ENEMY of the entire United States constitution including gun rights , property rights , and in point of fact the entire bill of rights . GET THE UNITED STATES OUT OF THE UNITED NATIONS AND THE UNITED NATIONS OUT OF THE UNITED STATES . They are Anti-American anti-capitalist AND anti-freedom .

Donald Wilson

Good morning,

Everyone I talk to as well as reading all these facts about Obama lying, sneaking and abusing his powers to get what he wants for his "own agenda" including going over the top of congress heads and disrespecting due process,,,, why is that ignorant idiot still in office? How come he isn't impeached and thrown out of this Country? We all are aware if his dirty deeds but nobody is doing anything about stoping him from his terrorist attack on America? Thank you.