Stoeger ATAC Suppressor Revolutionizes Tactical Airgun Performance

Stoeger Airguns ATAC Suppressor
Stoeger Airguns ATAC Suppressor
Stoeger Firearms
Stoeger Airguns

ACCOKEEK, MD –-( The latest introduction from Stoeger Airguns is the ATAC Suppressor, utilizing the new innovative Gas-Ram Technology (GRT) that enhances consistent accuracy through the elimination of vibration—an improvement over traditional spring-driven systems.

GRT also promotes constant velocities by way of an exact and repeatable gas-pressure release.

The ATAC Suppressor achieves velocities of 1200 feet-per-second (fps) with alloy .177 pellets and 1000 fps with .22 alloy pellets. The simple, quiet GRT-driven action not only reduces vibration, but also the sound that’s typical in spring-driven air rifles. Coupled with the ATAC’s Dual-Stage Noise Reduction System™ suppressor makes the ATAC one of the quietest airguns on the market today.

The same engineers who designed the Sako TRG rifle designed the ATAC’s distinctive black synthetic, tactical-style stock. This ergonomic stock is comfortable and accommodates both right and left-handed shooters.

The length-of-pull (LOP) is adjustable with buttstock spacers that can be added or removed. A rear sling attachment is integral with one of the spacers. The stock forend features integral Picatinny rails for attaching accessories like lasers, lights, and front sling studs. For absolute shooting steadiness optional bi-pod legs, available as an accessory from Stoeger (shown above), can be quickly and easily fitted to the Picatinny rails on the forend. An ambidextrous automatic safety, conveniently located at the end of the receiver allows for quick and easy access.

The ATAC Suppressor comes with a quality variable 4-16 x 40 mil-dot reticle air gun scope with an adjustable objective that is factory-mounted and bore-sighted for 25 yards. The scope rings attach directly to an integral Picatinny rail permanently affixed to the the receiver, which eliminates the possibility of base screws loosening and compromising accuracy. This rock-solid scope mount system provides absolute stability and consistent accuracy. The ATAC Suppressor is ready to shoot right out of the box.

“The ATAC Suppressor is the ultimate combination of sound suppression and ergonomics that redefines air guns,” said Stephen McKelvain, VP of Marketing. “Pick it up and feel the difference.”


  • Caliber: .177 & .22
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1200 fps with alloy .177 pellets; 1000 fps with alloy .22 pellets
  • Barrel Length: 16.5 inches
  • Trigger: Two-stage adjustable
  • Stock: Black Synthetic
  • Stock Style: Tactical with buttstock spacer for adjustable LOP
  • Optics: Factory-mounted 4-16 x 40 mil-dot
  • Reticle Variable Airgun Scope
  • Weight: 8.9 lbs
  • MSRP: $299

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the rifle construction is good I had a problem sighting in. After I change pellets it shoots perfect


Bought the .17 Attack . Agree that not all pellet work well but have run a couple K of Exacts through it. It seem to like it pretty well, Changing out the trigger made it into a new firing gun. Now waiting for the new Leapers to arrive.
Quite as you will find anywhere. I like the gun.

Mike Honet

I purchased one in .177. I had no end of trouble with sighting it in at 25yrds and even at 10yds. There is some issue with harder pellets (Crosman Match to be exact) and getting them seated in the breech. JSB Diablo pellets (all weights) seem to run just fine. In this rifle the heavier 8gr and 10gr pellets seem to be more stable. I ended up contacting Stoeger about the scope which I realized had developed a rattle (could have always been there….) Four days later they had shipped me a new scope, I mounted it and sighted it… Read more »


So I guess your not very happy with it?

Jim Stone

I wouldn’t buy one until they send one to Rick at airgun review. Accuracy is as important as fps/ftlbs,to an air gunner. Testing with alloy pellets means little. A full independent review should be done if they want the rifle to sell.


Also looking. Just bought one and had some problems. The first one the pellets did not fit. The store had never heard such a thing. But never the less true. And than I got the store ex (cheaper, thanks) And this word. But getting sighted in was hard. And pellets going all over the place. And Keyholeing a lot. But now I need a couple of 100 shoots to break it in I Guess. And someone said these high velocity rifles need heavier pellets 10 grains at least to be stable. As much as the PCP ones. The Mil dot… Read more »


Someone has to review this gun, what gives?


I am interested in this air rifle, though am amazed at the lack of any reviews on it. It appears as it will hit US retailers on July 1st and still no reviews anywhere I can find.

Do you know of any reviews that talk about accuracy and fps/ftlbs ?

Thank you


My son has worn his X2 one smooth out and I’m thinking about getting him this ATAC … Yes very nice piece of work. Most accurate and quite .. I’ll by again. I hope that this next step up will last him another 4 years. Yes I paid over 200 for his and it was well worth it. With the 4×24×54 scope we got for it birds and small game never stood a chance.

Mark Cunliffe

i iknow of any reviews online but I managed to sort the problems with accuracy out and the weapon is putting rounds – pellets practically through the same hole at 10 Meters now. its zeroed in and as someone mentioned above heavy grain pellets and a new sight sort the problem out. Its now firing better than expected.