Will the U.S. Follow Germany’s Freedom Killing Example?

The country that invented Nazism sets up national gun registry. ( I guess they never learn…)

Germany: National Gun Registration and Universal Background Checks
Germany: National Gun Registration and Universal Background Checks
Gun Owners of America
Gun Owners of America

Washington, DC –-(Ammoland.com)- Something very instructive just happened in Germany.

Germany just implemented “a vast registry that details every legal gun owner in the country, along with information about all of their firearms.”

They did this, based on records that, in some cases, “were kept on index cards across what used to be 551 separate local registries.”

Thus, with everyone's name already on an index card (read: 4473 forms) in what was effectively a “universal background check,” it was a small step to a national gun registry.

Not surprisingly, “gun rights groups” in Germany raised no real opposition. “We are used to it,” said one.

Now, in the words of The Washington Post:

If they are preparing a raid on a house, they can scout the address in the database to be better prepared for what weapons might lie within. Before the database, they could only guess at overall numbers, and finding the weapons registered to a certain address had been laborious.

Do we need any better indication of why “universal background checks” are the most insidious aspect of Barack Obama’s gun control?

We know that gun confiscation is the ultimate endgame for many of the gun grabbers on the Left. Consider just a few, recent well-known cases:

  • “Confiscation could be an option,” declared New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in a radio interview (December 27, 2012).
  • “We cannot have big guns out here,” said Iowa Rep. Dan Muhlbauer. “Even if you have them, I think we need to start taking them.” (Interview with the Iowa Daily Times Herald, December 19, 2012.)
  • “No one is allowed to be armed. We're going to take all the guns,” said P. Edwin Compass III, the superintendent of the New Orleans police, right before several law-enforcement agencies began confiscating the firearms of lawful gun owners in the wake of Hurricane Katrina (2005).

The task of confiscating guns is much easier when the government has a registration list. And that is the number one reason gun owners should oppose background checks, because they give federal bureaucrats the framework for a national registration system.

If Obama gets his way, we will be much further down road to giving the Andrew Cuomos of the world the registration lists they need.

Some liberal gun-grabbers are trying to paint it as “non-controversial.” But this hideous provision requiring every American to get the permission of the government before exercising their Second Amendment rights must be stopped.

ACTION: Click here to contact your Senators and Representative. Insist that they oppose the national background check, which would set the framework for a national gun registry and confiscation.

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  • 2 thoughts on “Will the U.S. Follow Germany’s Freedom Killing Example?

    1. It has often occurred to me that this is an issue over which federal government should take control. As an adult, law-abiding Massachusetts citizen, I have to take a gun safety course and pass a records check, but once I do that, and get finger-printed and photographed, and pay a $100 fee, I am issued a License to Carry (including concealed) by my town’s Chief of Police (at his/her discretion, a point of contention) that is good for 5 years. It also identifies me as a legal gun-possessor and allows me to buy guns and ammo (in-state at least; other bad Bay State laws ban me from purchasing “assault weapons” and don’t allow me to buy handguns out-of-state, but those are other issues) with minimal hassle. I don’t have any issue with passing a records check, taking a required safety course, getting finger-printed, and placed in a records data bank somewhere, because these regulations work pretty well, I think, to keep guns and ammo out of the hands of the immature and the mental/social defectives who have brought down so much wrath against us. If such an ID program was instituted at the federal level, providing a “national right-to-carry” card, I could go anywhere in the country, in any state, able to protect myself without worrying about violating any local/state law and getting arrested for it. I know there are states (like my neighbor Vermont) that require no state LTC to buy and purchase firearms and ammo, but there are also many (like Illinois and New Jersey) that wouldn’t allow me to buy or even have a gun in possession. So yes, a federal gun ID would result in the loss of some state rights, but it would sure ensure gun-carrying rights nationwide. And once you have such an ID, you could use it in private or public purchases to show the seller you are legal to buy and own firearms; no need for any background check. If the public and private sector could only sell guns to those with IDs, then there would be no need “to close the gun show loophole” or require paperwork/registration for every gun and ammo sale.
      OK, it’s just an idea, and I know a lot of you will attack me just for suggesting it, but I honestly think it’s a suggestion worth considering because it would simplify and level the gun/ammo purchasing process and stop “anti-gun” states like NY from trampling on the rights of their citizens. It’s sure better than a national ban on modern rifles, or allowing the next lunatic mass murderer to buy a gun in a “no questions asked” state. Obviously any such plan would have to be carefully developed and vetted, but I’d like to hear if any others have considered a similar solution to many of the issues we gun-owners are continually subjected to due to the illegal actions of a tiny minority of mental/social defectives.

    2. What a national background check does. It allow the people in another state to check the person out, if they believe that person has committed a crime in their state. It’s alot like the CDL license the trucker’s have to get when driving from one state to the other.

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