This Is It! New Jersey Assembly Officially Schedules Massive Attack on Gun Rights

More than 20 Extremist Anti-Gun Measures to be Heard on Wednesday in Trenton, NJ.


Charlotte, NC –-(  Since the beginning of the New Year, NRA-ILA alerts have detailed the massive anti-gun package being crafted at the State House.

The time has NOW arrived for gun owners to come together and stand up in Trenton for our Second Amendment rights.  The Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee is meeting at 10:00 a.m. this Wednesday, February 13 2013 to consider and vote on more than twenty anti-gun bills.

We need a strong and coordinated showing of gun owners to have a chance to withstand this barrage.  It is important that EVERY NRA member in New Jersey call and e-mail members of this Assembly committee AND their own Assembly members immediately.

We will continue to provide updates and detail bills in the package, but this truly is a historic assault on the Second Amendment.  There are bills that would reduce magazine capacity to ten rounds and make drastic changes to the already cumbersome Firearms ID process, among others.  The list of horrible bills is long, but you can view the proposals here.

The NRA and our state association, the Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs (ANJRPC), are calling for “all hands on deck.” 

Gun owners should attend the committee hearing on Wednesday and the Assembly voting session on Thursday. 

We need a massive showing in Trenton to demonstrate to state lawmakers that it is unacceptable to do what happened last month in New York.  If this gun control package is passed and enacted into law, in addition to current state law, the constitutional rights of gun owners will be greatly diminished in the Garden State.

Please contact your state lawmakers and respectfully urge them to oppose gun control and instead focus on the real issues that would make a difference to prevent violent crime and mass murder: mental health and school safety.  New Jersey already has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country, and history has proven that these laws do not stop criminals.

Contact information for your state legislators can be found here

New Jersey State Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee:

Charles Mainor (Chair) (D31)
[email protected]
Phone: 201-536-7851
Fax: 201-536-7854

Gilbert L. Wilson (Vice Chair) (D5)
[email protected]
Phone: 856-547-4800
Fax: 856-547-5496

Nelson T. Albano (D1)
[email protected]
Phone: 609-465-0700
Fax: 609-465-4578

Daniel R. Benson (D14)
[email protected]
Phone: 609-631-0198
Fax: 609-631-0324

Sean Connors (D33)
[email protected]
Phone: 201-795-9190
Fax: 201-795-5290

Joseph Cryan (D20)
[email protected]
Phone: 908-624-0880
Fax: 908-624-0587

Sean T. Kean (R30)
[email protected]
Phone: 732-974-0400
Fax: 732-974-2564

Gregory P. McGuckin (R10)
[email protected]
Phone: 732-840-9028
Fax: 732-840-9757

Erik Peterson (R23)
[email protected]
Phone: 908-238-0251
Fax: 908-238-0256 Charles Mainor (Chair) (D31)

David P. Rible (R30)
[email protected]
Phone: 732-974-0400
Fax: 732-974-2564

Bonnie Watson Coleman (D15)
[email protected]
Phone: 609-292-0500
Fax: 609-633-2179

Established in 1975, the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is the “lobbying” arm of the National Rifle Association of America. ILA is responsible for preserving the right of all law-abiding individuals in the legislative, political, and legal arenas, to purchase, possess and use firearms for legitimate purposes as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Visit:

  • 4 thoughts on “This Is It! New Jersey Assembly Officially Schedules Massive Attack on Gun Rights

    1. Why aren’t we counter-attacking instead of always just defending, and end up assuming the fetal position?

      I wore a yellow Star of David with the words “Gun Owner” on it to a recent gun show and non of the media would photograph or make eye contact with me because it was a grim reminder of what can happen to a group of people the government demonizes. Imagine the impact if every pro-gunner showed up at these meetings wearing one.

      Let’s use the “throw everything at the wall and see what sticks” tactic the antis use by proposing:
      1) Repeal of the 1968 GCA Act
      2) Allow licensed CCW holders to have firearms shipped directly to them as they have already passed a background check
      3) Allow licensed CCW holders to buy handguns across state lines for the same reason
      4) Allow firearms to be carried in schools and universities by the above
      5) Add you own pet law

      Of course most don’t have a snowballs chance, but the thing is is to FIGHT BACK. The antis will be screaming about how crazy we are to demand the above – and that takes the focus off their agenda.

      Do this each time as a counter-demand and get the antis to the point they say “Good God, don’t propose any more anti-gun laws! Look what happened the last time!”

      “Good guys finish last”. That’s why we have all these laws now.

    2. Chris Christie has already been on my bad side since he started fondling CAIR. If he signs ANY anti-gun legislation into law, I’m totally through with him. I will be letting him know. A nice long handwritten letter. I’m sick of these elitist politicians thinking they can legislate away all our rights at the slightest whim. Enough is enough, folks! We need to get as loud as all the liberal special interest slobs and scream at the top of our lungs…ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! At the risk of sounding paranoid, the federal government, as well as many of the States, really seem to be pushing us as hard as they possibly can into all out revolt. Is this what they want? Do they just want an excuse to try to crush us? It sure seems that way to me! I will not comply with any unconstitutional assault on ANY of my rights, especially the Second Amendment. This one right allows me to retain my freedom and to fight against tyranny, exactly the reason it was added to the Constitution. No more shredding of our founding documents!

      Remember 1776 & Keep Your Powder Dry!

    3. Worse yet, if this collection of infringements passes in the state congress, Chris Christie (that paragon of conservatism lite) will probably sign them. All this inane hoplophobia will end up being decided in the courts.

    4. I’m not a gun owner, but these assholes need to be taught that this isn’t something that they are even allowed to vote on. I can think of only one way that such a lesson can be taught.

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