Screw Em, Its Easier to Be A Criminal

Editors Note: The following Letter to the Editor has harsh language that we don't normally include in our publication but this emotional, heart felt letter is best read in its original form. In the hopes that it will wake up the sleeping bear of liberty.

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Screw Em, Its Easier to Be A Criminal
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USA –-( I say screw the law, it will be easier for me to live as a criminal.

That must be what the Democrats, everyone from the White House to my local town council, all want me to be, so why should i fight it?

Everyday I open the paper or sign on to Facebook and all I see is bill after bill, banning, restricting, limiting or just making it more God dam difficult for me, a law abiding citizen to exercise my Second Amendment Rights, god given I might add.

I have been a law abiding citizen, faith full husband, loving father and timely tax payer for all of my adult life. I have never been a drinker, I break at stop signs, even when no one is looking.  I go to church and pray for others. I also go hunting and shooting for fun and to hang out with my lifelong boyhood friends.

I stand, take off my hat and cover my heart when I say the Pledge of Allegiance.  I firmly believe the Constitution is not something that should be “updated“.

In fact, I believe that the Constitution of the United States and the accompanying Bill of Rights is the law of the land and one of the greatest documents ever created by man. Like parts of a fine watch it has been the shining jewel that has powered the United States through multiple wars and trying times. It has always been the glowing beacon that generations of patriots before us have followed that has lead us to the promise land of America…


And to politicians, that refuse to keep their Oaths of office, I loosely quote Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade: “you're gonna be Baird bums, the lot of ya. And you (President Obama), wherever you are out there, FUCK YOU TOO!”

You want me to be a criminal? Then keep right on passing laws that:

  • Ban the standard size magazine, that came with my legally purchased gun.
  • Ban my Ar15 rifle because it has a pistol grip.
  • Make me run a background check on my son or daughter before I gift them a gun that has been in my family since the civil war.
  • Make me pay a tax to get a permit to buy a hand gun.
  • Pass multiple background checks to buy one shotgun.
  • Ban my black powder rifle because it is 50 caliber sniper rifle.

I repeat FUCK YOU, I have had enough. I it would be easier for me to be a criminal, at least I will not be complicit in your work to tear down the documents that my grandfathers gave their lives to protect.

I would rather buy my guns on the black market. I will never turn in my magazines or guns or ammo and “comply”. And since anyone of these acts would make me a felon:

I will not only be an undocumented gun owner, I will be the worst undocumented gun owner that you can imagine.

I will make my own guns, I will work night and day to corrupt others by selling them undocumented guns and ammo, I will organize secret groups of other undocumented gun owners, we will hold secret meetings where we will shoot these guns and indoctrinate our children on how to skirt your laws. We will build every type of currently banned weapon, silencer, short barreled rifle, hand grenade, land mine and IEDs we can think of. Me and 100's of others like me will train 1000's more and then what?

We will give this movement a name , an American Revolution!! 

Tred Law

  • 43 thoughts on “Screw Em, Its Easier to Be A Criminal

    1. I was an Army MP and civilian cop for several years, sworn to uphold the law. But I also swore an oath to defend my country against “all enemies, foreign or domestic.” I’m thinking armed revolution is right around the corner if they insist on attempting to disarm my household.

    2. Peter Caroline sent me your most recent article,Peter was from Mass.and now lives in Arizona and is trying to get me to move down there.So many people subscribe to you that I’m associated with NRA,NAGR,Firearms Coalition,2nd Amend.&(CCRKBA),etc.!! I truly hate these “BLUE”(which is an understatement)states but I’m going to stay here and fight we can’t all leave where we have set down family and roots somebody has got to stay how else can we defeat these Liberal clowns!!! Joe

    3. Make all the juries aware that their job is not just to determine lack of proveable guilt, but to determine the justness of a law and whether it is an issue that should be determined by the government. Many laws there are that are laws, and perhaps even just, but that are issues that are not the issues that belong to the federal leviathan. The jury is our LAST legal bastion against tyrrany by the politicians and the right of the jury to decide “not guilty” based on that is one that many people are not aware of.

    4. It’s not only easier to be a criminal. With all of the laws that the lib-progs are trying to force on us, it will be difficult to not be without jumping through a lot of hoops.

    5. Tred,contact me and we and everyone should keep in contact.We need to get as many well informed people together as we can.
      Besides Carl Miller look up Orly Taitz.She is an attorney out of CA,who defends the 2ND Amendment and best of all despises Hitler Obama.
      She has been submitting lawsuits to the US Supreme Court against Obama.He IS NOT a legal US citizen,his SS# is from CT and that # belongs to an Russian American born in 1890,his real name isn’t Obama and he never registered with Selective Service and more.
      She wants to bring Obama down and charge him with treason which is life in prison or death.I wrote to her and thanked her for what she is doing,she is a true American.

    6. The Communist in the White House should read the Constitution. It is his job not to make the laws, but to enforce the laws that Congress makes. Congress has been for many years in violation of the 10th Amendment. It is easier for a gang-banger to obtain an Uzi than it is for me — a legal gun owner since 1966. It is about time that our elected officials enforce the laws they have passed and start jailing the lawbreakers.

    7. here in the gun free zone state of MD,they’ve made me a gangster.single father of 2 girls,old Navy veteran.oh yeah,I’m a real trouble maker……….eff ’em and they’re un-constitutional laws, I’ll just plead the 5th AND the 2nd….

    8. The only way to unite is to communicate, lets get things going, let’s communicate and meet where we can and do what we need to do.
      It’s time my fellow Patriots.

    9. I hear you brother, when help is needed I’ll be there, we will share contact info and get started. It’s time to show who’s country this is and who will fight to keep it.
      Fuck’em all and remember all the names of those that helped push these laws, in grain them into our memories and “list” them.
      For there will be a day of reckoning for all the treasonous bitches and bastards, it would be good advice for them to find another country to live, because this one is going to be a might to inhospitable for them to stay, this country is too good for them anyway.
      So, brother you have a friend in me and I will help all that I can.

    10. Yep. Google “Carl Miller” for a quick & dirty course in Liberty 101. How to beat them in court about nearly everything they (gov’t) are doing, and trying to do. Take them to court on everything: driver’s licenses, most taxes, any and all licenses and permits, and much more. This guy’s win rate on this stuff is over 90%, folks. It takes some work, but no one ever said that Freedom is free. Also, make sure that you and yours are registered to vote, and therefore eligible to serve on juries and practice “nullification” of any “laws” that contradict or over reach our Constitution. The Supreme Court has ruled repeatedly that anything, even if it is in the form of a “law”, that is not within the original authority of our Constitution is null and void as if it had never been written or enacted, and therefore creates no privileges nor does it create any duty to obey. Our duty as jurors is to try the “law” as well as the alleged offense, and if we find it unconstitutional, to vote “not guilty”. (Sun Tsu smiles…)

    11. WELL SAID. I’m starting to believe that Obama is going to bankrupt the country to the point that there will be war in the streets and he’s taking these steps in order to make it difficult for Americans to legally buy weapons BUT, the BIGGEST steps he wants taken is the names of every gun owner in America and their political beliefs. Yes, democraps do own weapons too as hard as that seems to believe. We The People are being set up. What happens if we don’t make our payments to a country such as China? I see the direction we’re heading and it’s not good. A 21st century civil war is dead ahead if no one stands for us in this government.

    12. How or where can I join you?

      If you ever come to Ocean Beach, California – San Diego neighborhood – come to Pizza Port Sunday evening and you will not have to buy any beer – they will all be on me.


    13. i came to tears over this one!i know so many of us feel the same way!everyone needs to get politically involved now!don`t let the other guy fight for you on this.don`t think they won`t take away our guns,because they`re already doing it!i pray it doesn`t come to armed revolution,but i`am prepared,as you too should be!

    14. The blackmarket will be making a lot of money, dont,t you think. And if they take away everyones guns, Didn,t they think how easy it would be to ambush a police officer, and steal his weapons.And a criminal don,t care. Let them hash that one around.

    15. Well said. It is time to start the physical fightback against the elite. We The People, will not obey Lets march on DC very soon We need a National Rally when all of Congress are in session Please Please make it soon before the wind leaves our sails. I served my country and took a Oath to protect her from a dictator goverment Lets fight

    16. I don’t have anything over 10 round capacity, but who knows maybe someday I might want to buy one when I get tired of swapping and reloading magazines at the target range every few seconds. Why should we be limited to less weapons than the criminals?

    17. “There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.” -Ayn Rand in Atlas Shrugged

    18. The article is to the point, particularly the “fuck you Obama” part. No one has given him or anyone the right to tamper with our Constitution, let alone deny us of our Rights.
      Washington is not only a house of prostitution but also a house of corruption. It has made of itself a cesspool of immorality.
      The entire Leftist Socialists are well-placed, united in effort and well-funded against America. The despise all that is America an despise its foundation of the Constitution. They despise its history and indoctrinate children in infiltrated schools to hate America and the system of Capitalism, which allows man to better himself and be independent.
      Their desire is to control all aspects of life and destroy individualism, destroy the family, destroy Judeo-Christian principles and install their Marxism in the Land of the Free. They deny God in our lives and in short are at war with America and the American patriot people.
      They are united; we are not.
      We must unite.
      Daniel Webster said: “Gentlemen, we must all hang together or most assuredly we will all hang separately.
      All splinter groups must form a coalition of strength to win back our Country using all ways possible.

    19. A little something I just wrote for a contest here at school.

      The Tree of Liberty

      It had been two weeks since it started, these two weeks that stretched to infinity. At first, there was panic in the halls of Congress, that our civilization was going to come to an end. We were wrong.
      The saying that someone would “spin in their graves” implied that something was such an affront that our ancestors would rather flip over than face the shame of it.
      If only it were just that.
      It seems that they spun so much that they came completely out of their graves.
      Two weeks ago, in Virginia and Pennsylvania, the dead rose from the silent earth and marched on Washington, clad in colonial uniforms, with ghostly pipers following the ranks.
      Thousands of doomsday preppers cried bitter tears when the undead horde shuffled past, completely ignoring them as they headed towards the capitol without so much as a moan in their direction.
      After the first week of siege, the undead had shattered the governmental, first taking out the National Guard, crushing the army as it arrived, then devouring the members of Congress that had been trapped there during the initial attack.
      The public was naturally panicked to see the walking dead among them, but since they craved only the sweet, sweet brains of Politicos, it seemed wiser to let them continue unmolested.
      On the dawn of the second week, something changed. Although the undead now essentially controlled Capitol Hill, they had ceased drifting at random, and started shambling in formation, patrolling the streets, now armed inexplicably with muskets.
      That’s when they arrived. The media, excited, swarmed in to capture the moment for all to see.
      The air was still, and as these majestic figures passed, the surrounding zombies lost their slouched and unstable posture, and stood ramrod straight at attention. The lead figure, unmistakable in countenance, slowly nodded to the cameras as he passed, leading four equally distinguished personages behind him.
      As they made their way to sixteen-hundred Pennsylvania avenue, the media and curious crowds that had gathered following behind timidly, until they arrived at the gates of the White House, where a podium had been erected. The lead figure took his place at the podium, and nodded to his entourage nearby.
      The crowd was silent as he looked over the crowd, nodding to himself he cleared his voice and delivered the speech.
      Now we all live, under the watchful eyes of the founding fathers, content to know that our freedoms will never be encroached upon again by those who would abuse the power that we have given them. Our laws have been reworked to place them back in line with the framers’ original goals.
      We live in a land of dignity and respect where none dare trample our rights, hiding behind laws made not to protect our citizens, but to exploit and control them.

      May General Washington watch over us, ever more.

      –Felix Galvan 2/18/13

    20. as we can all see this country is divided and there is no compromise available to either side…….traitors make the ‘laws’ and require you to ‘obey’ or they will use force to make you do so….. freedom loving people will not obey and will resist…….those that hide behind their law and not the Constitution are as guilty as the ‘law makers’who do not honor their oath.. and all of them will not be spared…they all will be judged…by the tenets of the US CONSTITUTION…..and the Free and morally correct patriots.

    21. He who attempts to get another man into his absolute power does thereby put himself into a state of war with him, it being to be understood as a declaration of a design upon his life; for I have reason to conclude that he who would get me into his power without my consent would use me as he pleased when he got me there, and destroy me, too, when he had a fancy to it; for nobody can desire to have me in his absolute power unless it be to compel me by force to that which is against the right of my freedom, i.e., make me a slave. to be free from such force is the only security of my preservation; and reason bids me look on him as an enemy to my preservation who would take away that freedom which is the fence to it; so that he who makes an attempt to enslave me thereby puts himself into a state of war with me. ~ John Locke – Two Treatises Of Government

    22. Well said. (aside from the profanity)

      I for one am sick and tired of the “Assault Weapon” Scam and the “High Capacity” Magazine Clip Scam…

      (Yeah I know I just threw that for a laugh)

      Why is it every freaking time some leftist lunatic goes off his meds and start living out some moronic video game or movie fantasy inncoent gun owners have to suffer the consequences?

      We’ve done nothing wrong but we’re the ones with our private property being threatened, we’re innocent and yet we’re the one that have to bear the brunt of the Left’s progressive destruction of freedom.

      Those jackals have readily admitted that their liberty destroying steps won’t do Skeet to keep people safe.

      Registration? WTF will that do with mass shootings? It’s freaking obvious who does these massacres, WTF will registration do to ‘Solve’ the crime afterwards?

      The Leftists whine that our right’s are “Limited”…. NO Einsteins, it’s the government that is Limited, the people are free, or at least that’s the way it was supposed to be.

      If the left truly want to ‘Protect’ the chillllren… then it ought to look in it’ own back yard instead of at innocent people who just happen to be exercising a God-given civil right!

      They ought to be taking a look at what THEY’VE done to the culture the past 20 years. Remember crap like ‘If it makes you happy, that’ll be okay’ – hey look you idiots, somebody thinks that ‘it’ll make them happy’ to kill a bunch of schoolkids – IS THAT OKAY!

    23. Tred’s comments are in accord with mine and many other sentiments. I would say that the coming civil war is not going to be just about guns either. We do not have to go quietly… Many Patriots have more than one skill. I think it is time to see what we can do to increase obamas headaches. Technical workers and engineers can throw a monkey wrench into his plans in many areas. If you have this ability and opportunity exercise it whenever and whereever it can be done. And, take officials to court over everything…. The one has to have many things to operate. Throw a creative monkeywrench in the works whenever possible. Consider this; a big city with limited roads…cause slowdowns and speedups to tie traffic up everyday. That couses lots of problems for business, and hence for taxes. Let us snarl up officials and government. If you are in Broadcasting, and the one wants to talk, flip the switch to the wrong position…or load the wrong software.

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