NJ2AS Monthly Newsletter for May 2013

New Jersey Second Amendment Society
New Jersey Second Amendment Society

New Jersey –-(Ammoland.com)- The May monthly meeting of the New Jersey Second Amendment Society was held on May 15 in Newton, NJ, Sussex County.

President Frank Fiamingo spoke about the importance of persisting even when progress seems to be stalled. He reminded the audience that the Second Amendment is not about guns, hunting, or target shooting.

It is about liberty and preserving the balance of power. NJ2AS has been continuously dedicated to working to preserve the right to keep and bear arms, even though we are not getting all of the results we want. Please be patient and trust in the decisions being made by the organization.

Fiamingo noted that one of the biggest problems faced in New Jersey are delays related to obtaining a permit to purchase a handgun, firearms owners identification cards, and excessive delays with the NJ NICS “instant” background check system. We are extending an open invitation to all NJ FFL’s to work with NJ2AS about ending the NICS delays.

NJ Assemblywoman Allison McHose was the guest speaker at the meeting. She announced that the theme should be “take back NJ”, and shared with the crowd the fact that her husband, a full time National Guard employee, was denied his Permit to Carry a Handgun.

ASW McHose expressed shock at the audacity of the NJ State Senators who were recorded stating “confiscate, confiscate, confiscate” at the senate hearings. She asks that everyone works to support the campaign efforts of the Republican party throughout the state to give strength to the second amendment cause.

At the meeting’s close, ASW McHouse was applauded and thanked by those in attendance for her efforts to preserve liberty in the Garden State.


NJ2AS is pleased to announce that we have a new “Twitter Queen”, Miss Amy Levine-Brittin. Amy is organizing and coordinating our efforts to use social media, in particular Twitter, to get the message across to our legislators. If you are already using Twitter, you can follow us: @NJ2AS. Be sure to use the hash tag #NJ2AS when posting your pro second amendment tweets so that others dedicated to the preservation of life and liberty can find you. If you need help setting up a Twitter account, please contact Amy, [email protected] and she will offer you some guidance.

The June monthly meeting of the New Jersey Second Amendment Society will be held at the Avalon Golf Club, 1510 Route 9 North, Cape May Court House, on June 19, 2013 starting at 7:30PM. This is the first time NJ2AS will be holding it’s monthly meeting in Cape May County. Senator Jeff VanDrew is scheduled to be the guest speaker. You can register for the meeting by clicking on this link.

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