Sons Of Guns – Improvised Guns New Episode ~ Exclusive Sneak Peak Video

Sons Of Guns
Sons Of Guns – Improvised Guns New Episode ~ Exclusive Sneak Peak Video
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Silver Spring, MD –-(  This week’s episode of Sons of Guns will not disappoint viewers! Joe's overextended on a batch of 870’s for R&D so Will must try to figure out how he can turn it into a profit.

Meanwhile, tired of waiting for Stephanie to find some more SOCOM barrels so they can get paid, Will dives deep into his own gun build, bringing to life a Frankengun from the scraps left in the shop.

When Will finds out from Flem that Vince has something they need, it just seems to be too much of a coincidence for Will to ignore.

He is suspicious of this most recent turn of events, and decides to meet with Vince face to face to offer him a deal – leading to a shocking confrontation! It’s a must must–see episode of Sons of Guns this week, only on Discovery Channel at 9PM ET/PT.

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  • 8 thoughts on “Sons Of Guns – Improvised Guns New Episode ~ Exclusive Sneak Peak Video

    1. It baffles the mind how a facility that operates like a romper room can have a reputation of a skilled gun builder. All that we have seen are modifications and repairs, or assembly of parts kits, and lots of mad minute firing and gasoline bombs exploding. There is nothing special about this gun shop, and quite frankly, there are only 2 competent professionals among a staff of apprentices and immature labor. Joe and Charlie are very talented and could do much better than working for an obviously Bi-Polar Will Hayden. Kris is certainly not qualified to hold a position of Production Manager, as his limited technical skills and constant vocalization of Sheep and Hyena style mating yelps adds to ones perceptions that he belongs elsewhere. Flem has the skills and is highly perceptive, but his grooming style leaves one with a different perception. There is too much T & A with the bosses daughter. The last show left us with the impression Red Jacket will be consulting for the Dubai UAE. Obviously the Dubai Government failed to perform Due Diligence on Red Jacket, because if they did, they would run way at great speeds. But, its entertainment, and so we tune in weekly as faithful viewers.

    2. This isn’t over yet – this is just a committee. People in NJ need to contact their state senators and assembly people and the governor (who’s supposedly a Repub but isn’t) and let them know how retarded this is, not to mention illegal. Good luck NJ gun owners.

    3. Just about the only real thing on this show is that it is “too much of a coincidence” that an ex-employee has a supply of the exact barrels needed by Red Jacket. Leave it to television to take a decent show about manufacturing guns and turn it into BS for drama queens.

    4. Funny how this show is still on the air after discovery cancelled American Guns claiming it was in bad taste after the events of sandy hook, I wonder what discovery’s real motivation for canceling American guns was.

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