News for July 2013 Rockcastle Shooting Center Pro-AM 3 Gun Championship Rockcastle Shooting Center Pro-AM 3 Gun Championship

Farmington, NY –-( July is hot and we have a lot going on. From new products in the store to 3-gun competitions, this month is still gaining momentum.

Check out the Gunstruction Project below for your chance to get in on a beta, get ready for the Rockcastle ProAm coming up next month, and keep up to date with the anti’s latest attempts to turn tragedy into opportunity with the recent Zimmerman case.

AR15.Com / GUNSTRUCTION Beta Signups
Two months ago we announced our partnership with GUNSTRUCTION to build a virtual firearm builder. Hosted exclusively on, the GUNSTRUCTION platform is moving closer to a full release. At this time we are showcasing the work that has gone into the builder in our new video preview. You will see a large number of parts are now online as we continue to add more parts each week! The video will also show the results of our new paint feature, which we are proud to announce!

In our continuing effort to create the ultimate rifle builder, we have partnered with DuraCoat to create our paint shop. We will be adding their entire color catalog, as well as their available patterns, with the ability to apply a finished look to an entire build or to individual components. This gives you the freedom to mix colors or patterns as you would when ordering your custom finish.

As we continue to add parts from the manufacturers already involved, we are also actively pursuing new companies. Over the next few weeks we hope to announce a number of new companies who are joining the effort and who will have their parts added to GUNSTRUCTION. Keep up to date in our builder company list thread.

We will be launching GUNSTRUCTION in a closed beta on August 5th 2013. If you are interested in joining the closed beta, make sure to post in this thread on, where we will be drawing random users for the closed beta. We will follow up the closed beta with our open beta (available to everyone) on September 2nd 2013! So if you miss out on closed beta, you will not have to wait long!

Make sure to head over to the GUNSTRUCTION forum at to sign up for beta, read up on all the on going efforts, and let us know what you think! / Rockcastle 3-Gun ProAm
We’d like to remind everyone to make plans for the Shooting Center Pro-AM 3 Gun Championship presented by Brownells and Hornady coming up next month, August 23-25 2013 in Park City, Kentucky.

For those of you that have attended in the past, we know you’ll be back. For those that have not attended, this is a chance to watch the best in the shooting sports go head-to-head, to shoot along side the pros if you’re registered, a chance to shoot the side matches which will once again feature TNVC/AAC in the cave side-match- an experience you do not want to miss as you engage targets in an underground course using the latest in suppressors and NV equipment, the opportunity to shop the vendors, the largest prize tables anywhere in shooting sports, and much, much more…

We hope to see you all in Kentucky in a few short weeks…


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