Walhog Wilderness Introduces MeatSavR Spray

Walhog Wilderness Introduces MeatSavR Spray
Walhog Wilderness Introduces MeatSavR Spray
Walhog Wilderness
Walhog Wilderness

Muskegon, Michigan –-(Ammoland.com)- Getting wild game out of the woods without contaminating the meat can be difficult, especially when weather isn’t ideal.

Warm temperatures, rain, poor soil conditions and a variety of other factors can greatly affect the amount of bacteria that is present on wild game meat when it reaches the butcher or your back door.

The last thing anyone wants is for hard earned venison to be ruined or worse: a family member or friend gets sick from contaminated meat.

Walhog Wilderness has solved the problem with the introduction of Meat SavR spray that features Tri-Technology science.

There are two types of meat deterioration: Microbial (spoilage) and Chemical (oxidation).

Meat SavR inhibits both forms of deterioration through application of Organic Salts and Acids! Meat SavR doesn’t stop there. It repels flies, reduces microbial production by 99% and forms an organic, acidic, salty crust on the outside of game meat, protecting it from bacteria and insects. MeatSavR reduces the surface PH levels of exposed meat and game bags. Best of all, Meat SavR is nontoxic and made with food grade acids and salts.

To put it simply, field dressing is a dirty job. There is no fool proof way of protecting meat in the field. MeatSavR gives the hunter the ability to keep meat quality better and safer for longer periods when refrigeration is not an option.

Along with protecting meat, MeatSavR can be used to sterilize field dressing equipment like knives and equipment at the microbial level. Knives and other equipment can quickly be covered in unwanted bacteria. With MeatSavR, knives can be quickly cleaned and ready for the task at hand.

Meat SavR will stop 99% of illness-causing organisms including Yeast, Mold, Coliforms, E-coli, staphylococcus, Salmonella, and Listeria when used properly.

“Multiple independent, university and government studies have shown that specific Organic Acids and Organic Salts, when used properly, can significantly reduce microbes associated with food related illnesses when temperature control is not an option,” said Eric Wahlberg from Walhog Wilderness. “Hunters work hard to put meat on the table and having it spoil is every hunters’ worst nightmare. Meat SavR spray will help protect meat from the elements, resulting in better table fare and piece of mind.”

With a squirt of the bottle, MeatSavR quickly produces a high level of acid on the surface of the meat, reduces water activity within the meat, limits oxygen within the meat surface and limits the moisture on the surface of the flesh. When bad weather and other conditions threaten to ruin meat, a bottle of MeatSavR spray can save the day.

MeatSavR rounds out a complete line of outdoor products being offered by Walhog Wilderness. To learn more about Walhog Wilderness Products, please visit www.walhogwilderness.com.

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