Magpul Sues Four Magazine Manufacturers for Patent Infringement

Magpul Sues Four Magazine Manufacturers for Patent Infringement

BOULDER, Colorado —-( Magpul Industries Corp announced today that it has filed patent infringement lawsuits against four companies for offering for sale, selling, and distributing magazines for AR15/M16 compatible weapons in violation of Magpul’s patents.

The company’s lawsuits allege infringement of Utility Pat. No. 8,069,601 for a novel ammunition magazine, in addition to numerous Magpul design patents.

The lawsuits, filed in United States District Court, Colorado, provide another example of Magpul’s dedication to protecting its valuable brand while sending a warning to others attempting to infringe on our innovations. “These patents exemplify the industrial design-focused spirit at Magpul, which drives us to create novel solutions that enhance user experience with our products,” said Duane Liptak, Director of Product Management and Marketing for Magpul Industries.

“People who use Magpul products have high expectations and a great deal of trust regarding the value, quality, and amount of thought put into every design we release.  As such, we cannot allow others to misappropriate the patented technology that helps us generate that consumer confidence and trust.”

The lawsuits are the largest and most significant to date brought by Magpul, and are part of the company’s ongoing proactive efforts to combat the unlawful production, distribution, and sale of products that infringe on its valuable intellectual property rights.

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About Magpul 
Founded in 1999, Magpul was launched with the intent of developing innovative devices to aid in the manipulation of rifle magazines while reloading under stress. The company’s name comes from this original product called the Magpul®. Over the last decade Magpul has continued to grow and develop using much the same mission and process with a focus on innovation, creativity, and efficiency.

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Let me guess who is being sued…

Troy MFG


Pmag is the best and their competitors know it.Pmag is obligated to protect their patents and products.

Bill Butler

Business decisions have nothing to do with 2nd Amendment challenges. The companies that appear to have infringed on Mag-Pul’s turf, should have thought through their decisions BEFORE they took a slice off of Mag-Pul’s profit margin.

If I have a product, “XYZ” and another company decides they want to generate money off of my work, without my permission, by producing “XYYZ.” I too will protect my product and work through the appropriate venue. If the companies, in question, thought ahead and got my permission to use my work, then there would not be any problem. Without permission it is theft.


First off Pmags look nothing like thermolds/orlites inside or out. Promag, one of the companies being sued, makes what is essentially a clone of a Pmag. As for the others i dont know but i would bet they copied followers or other interior designs. Just because its bad right now politically doesnt mean you can sit on your hands while people are stealing from you.


With all the crap we have to face with the anti-gunners, now we got one of our own claiming domain on a polymer magazine and costing this industry money better spend defending our rights than defending their own variation? Really?
This is pathetic!
So if this passes does Thermold and Orlite get to sue Magpul?