Speak Up, Speak Out for We the People

By B. Revell

We the People
We the People
Shield Tactical
Shield Tactical

Shiner, Texas –-(Ammoland.com)- It is funny what we will call ‘politics‘ these days.

Many avoid it in conversations. Some avoid it everywhere they go. Politics news is often related to scandals. Politicians are seen as untrustworthy. It is essentially a dirty word and the layperson has little reason these days to embrace ‘politics.’

We’ve seen scandal after scandal, and smear after smear. Mudslinging, blame shifting, and procedural inefficiencies have brought our legislative machine to a grinding halt. Faith in our federal government is at a deepening low. Washington has become a gigantic soap opera, replete with colorful characters and outlandish plots.

Now more than ever, the drama being played out is a game that affects our futures and the direction of our country.

The Greek root, politikos, means “of, for, or relating to citizens.” The word itself speaks from the principles by which our country was founded. Unlike the kingdoms from which our founding fathers fled, America is built upon the principle that in a Republic, all men may speak for themselves and be heard. Politics from its origin is not a dirty word, it represents for us an opportunity to make our world good for us and for our children.

But when we fail to seize that opportunity, others will capitalize upon it. For every one of our voices that is quieted by contentedness or indifference, the voice that is opposite from yours will be heard even louder. And the louder that voice grows, the more yours will be drowned out.

Speak up for yourself and encourage others to do the same. What you believe to be right can only be known when you say it out loud. You have the right and the privilege to participate in policy and that is the power of the Republic.

What must never change is the rule of law. And for us Americans our rule of law is founded upon the Constitution. When we fail to protect that rule of law, both by letter and in principle, for both technicality and intent, we lose the power that makes freedom potent and desirable.

Our country is not a country for the sake of its government and its elected officials. We do not recognize ourselves as a United States merely because we are a simple cooperative body of people. This union of states exists because of the Constitution. The Constitution after all does not begin with “We the government” or “We the party” or “We the trade and commerce”. It begins with “We the People…”

B. Revell


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Shield Tactical is a family business. Though we are not all related by blood, the bond of 2nd ammendment supporters is just as strong. My name is John W. Harrington and I am the president and founder of Shield Tactical. I have been involved in student based firearm instruction for over ten years. Over that period of time, my philosophy has been simple – make it about the shooter. Every member of our team has heard me say (more than they care to count) “People don’t come to us to hear about how great we are or what we have done, they come to us for what we can do for them”. Visit: www.shieldtactical.com

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The main problem with the “Rule of Law” is that for the last 200 years or so our politicians have been passing “Law” after “Law” with no regard to the Constitution, the “Law” of the land and the limits it places on them. 90% of the current laws could and should be eliminated. They only exist to reinforce the power and wealth of politicians