Tell NJ’s Chis Christie Freedom Loving Granite Staters Are Watching

Tell this potential Republican candidate for President that New Hampshire voters are watching him and how he votes to protect the right to keep and bear arms.

Chris Christie
Tell NJ’s Chis Christie Freedom Loving Granite Staters Are Watching
Pro-Gun New Hampshire
Pro-Gun New Hampshire

Concord, NH –-(  New Hampshire has a strong influence on Presidential elections because we hold the “first-in-the-nation” Presidential primary.

Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey, is most likely going to run. If you want to know what kind of president he’d be, watch what he does as governor.

There are four horrific gun bills sitting on Chris Christie’s desk right now. What he does with them will tell Granite Staters everything they need to know about who Chris Christie really is. Please contact him, tell him you’re watching with 2016 in mind, and tell him you want to see him veto these bills:

A3659 – Fifty caliber GUN BAN. Bans guns that shoot centerfire cartridges of any caliber that attain a muzzle energy of 12,000 ft-lbs. or greater. Those who already own them must either get rid of them or register them and pay a fee. Registered guns cannot be passed down to heirs, and owners will be civilly liable for damages if the gun is used in a crime. The bill also specifically prevents anyone with a pending order for these firearms from taking possession of them.

S2723 – A “kitchen sink” bill with multiple attacks on gun rights and serious privacy issues. Suspends Second Amendment right just to OWN a gun without proof of firearms training; provides for a gun owner endorsement on driver licenses; ends private sales between background-checked licensed gun owners; creates a registry of ammunition purchases and long gun sales; and imposes a seven-day waiting period for handgun purchases.

A3687 – Suspends Second Amendment rights without due process of law, based on a secret government list compiled by bureaucrats with no published standards, no identified procedure to correct errors, and with the potential for enormous abuse by those in power. The “terror watch list” is essentially a list of suspects. This bill turns the presumption of innocence on its head and allows bureaucrats to arbitrarily deny gun rights to millions simply by classifying them as potential terrorists with no evidence and no day in court. The Obama administration has already declared military veterans and gun owners to be potential terrorists (see

A3797 – Would force the State Police to publicly disclose confidential ATF gun trace data in violation of explicit federal law limiting that data to law enforcement use only. This is an attempt by frustrated gun banners to circumvent federal law, so that idiosyncrasies of the ATF’s trace system can be exploited and manipulated to falsely suggest that law abiding citizens are a source of “crime guns.” The disclosure could also compromise ongoing investigations.

Please weigh in with Chris Christie right away and tell him that you’re watching what he does, and urge him to veto these bills. Call his office at 609-292-6000, write him at P.O. Box 001, Trenton, N.J. 08625, or send an email using an online contact form ( — select “law and public safety” from the drop-down list of topics, then pick a sub-topic).


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