America’s Largest Gun Shop Abruptly Dropped by Credit Card Company

Hyatt Guns
America’s Largest Gun Shop, Hyatt Guns, Abruptly Dropped by Credit Card Company
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Cam Edwards talks to Larry Hyatt from Hyatt Guns in Charlotte, NC – For more information, go to:

The Hyatt Gun Shop of Charlotte, N.C., has been doing business for the last four years with  a subsidiary of Visa — a key Obama campaign donor — that specializes in credit card transactions.

But the subsidiary,, reportedly has ended its relationship with the nation’s largest gun store for a reason that might get you scratching your head.

Because the Hyatt Gun Shop sells, well, guns.

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Sounds like we don’t need these credit card companies or company. Publish their name or names and we will drop them. It works two ways.

Jeff Morelock

Same thing happened to me with Square – they were “ok” with in-store gun sales at first but then decided against that too.

Paypal, google, facebook, living social, and Groupon all have strict anti-gun policies.


Wal-Mart sells guns and ammo too, but will Visa drop Wal-Mart?