Coalition of CT Sportsmen Endorse State Representative Penny Bacchiochi for Lieutenant Governor

Penny Bacchiochi
Coalition of CT Sportsmen Endorse State Representative Penny Bacchiochi for Lieutenant Governor
Coalition Of Connecticut Sportsmen
Coalition Of Connecticut Sportsmen

Connecticut – -(  As with all our candidate ratings, Endorsement does not come easily and is based on initiation/promotion/support of sportsmen’s issues, the exercise of common sense, and integrity. She has met/exceeded those standards.

As a member of the Public Safety Committee she has always been supportive of sportsmen’s issues both in committee and on debates in the House. Representative Penny Bacchiochi demonstrates all criteria for an effective legislator and in our opinion would perform as an outstanding Lt. Governor.

Your support in terms of endorsement, donations, and votes will be of great benefit in her election and would strongly support sportsmen’s issues. See the link to her website below and if you can make a donation today. This is the last day for quarterly Citizens Election Program (CEP) reporting. Under the Citizens Election Program, a candidate for Lt. Governor is required to raise $75,000 to qualify for the public financing grant. Donate today if you can, if not do it soon!

On her website below sign on to SUPPORT PENNY! Your donation and support is our opportunity to elect an outstanding candidate who will support YOU!

From Penny: Count on Penny

Dear Friend,

I want you to know that when the vote came down last April, I stood firm.

Your rights as sportsmen and women, and as law-abiding gun owners, have been under assault for a long time. But we’ve always stood firm on our convictions.

As a six-term state representative from the towns of Somers and Stafford, I listen to my constituents. I did not allow emotions and political correctness to tempt me to vote for a bill that neither corrects the problems–violence among our youth and lack of mental health resources–nor abides by the Constitution.

As I explore a run for Lieutenant Governor, I ask that you support me by making a donation today of $10, $25 or even $100 at Your donation will send a message to every Republican running for statewide office that they, too, need to stand firm when it comes to the right to keep and bear arms.

I’m a small business owner, a wife and mother, and a firm a believer in the Second Amendment. As a fiscal conservative in a Democratically-controlled legislature, I’ve often had to cast controversial votes. I am not afraid to stand up for what is right for Connecticut and to protect those values we hold most dear.

My record speaks for itself:

  • -An 11-year track record of protecting our 2nd Amendment rights
  • -Member of the National Rifle Association
  • -Member of the Legislative Sportsman’s Caucus

I’m sure you’ve been paying attention to what just happened in Colorado. Two powerful, Democratic leaders who pushed through a new restrictive gun law in that state, despite outspending their Republican opponents 8 to 1, were shown the door.

Please make a donation to my Exploratory Committee today and help us show Malloy and his Democratic minions the door in 2014.

Your donation today, of up to the maximum of $375, will make a huge difference. I also ask you to visit my website at today to learn more about me and my record.

Thank you!

Penny Bacchiochi

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Approved by Penny Bacchiochi. Paid for by Penny for CT, Rob Arute, Treasurer.
Penny For CT · PO Box 271, Stafford Springs, CT 06076, United States

About Coalition of Connecticut Sportsmen:
The Coalition of Connecticut Sportsmen is the only state sportsmen’s organization singularly dedicated to the protection, promotion and preservation of hunting, fishing, trapping and the scientific wildlife management programs which support them; Right to Keep and Bear Arms Constitutional provisions; Boating; Land use; and other sportsmen associated issues through legislative lobbying, legal defense in the courts, and political action. No other state sportsmen organization has as its sole purpose these activities. The Coalition of Connecticut Sportsmen takes pride in its unsurpassed achievement and service to all of the Connecticut sportsmen’s community. Visit:

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Great for the state, and she is a looker, not a Frankenstein, like they have in CA.