‘Rio In Sight’ for USA Shooting Team on 10.9 Day

Rio In Sight
Rio In Sight
10.9 USA Shooting
10.9 USA Shooting

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. –-(Ammoland.com)- USA Shooting and its team of world-class athletes are celebrating their pursuit of excellence, or their 10.9 today.

Using the day as a platform, the USA Shooting Team is announcing a brand identity that will align the team and shooting sports industry with the organization’s aim for success at the upcoming 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

According to USA Shooting Team Foundation Executive Director Buddy DuVall, this newest mark and tagline ‘RIO IN SIGHT’ is a way to recognize the path the team is on, while recognizing both the mission and goal of our athletes and most ardent supporters.

“We want this brand identity to serve as a rallying cry for our entire community, said Duvall.”

The project was brought about by the overwhelming desire of our sponsors, supporters, clubs members and fans to have a “brand” with which they can identify with as part of the USA Shooting community.

The logo was designed using crowdSPRING, billed as the world’s No. 1 marketplace for professional logo design.  Creator John Blaine’s design features a sport shooter constructed using aspects of Rio’s culture including the mountains, sun and water. All three disciplines of the sport can be recognized in the image while the circles in the logo represent other predominant aspects of the sport including the targets used, the medals we’re striving for, the stylized wheels of our Paralympic wheelchair athletes and the Olympic rings.  The vibrant colors are also another characteristic of Brazilian culture and RIO 2016 brand ideology while also featuring the distinguished RED, WHITE and BLUE our community expects as representatives of Team USA.

“After the initial submissions, I wanted to try a new approach,” acknowledged Blaine.  “Combining the sights of Rio with the sport of shooting was an important criteria in choosing this design direction and also the source of inspiration. Rather than having the two as separate elements, I sought a way to merge what Rio was famous for – the beach, waves and sun with the shooting pose. This made for a concise, uncluttered design.”

Shooting is the fourth most-participated event in the Olympic Games.  At the 2012 London Olympic Games, USA Shooting athletes brought home four Olympic medals: three gold and one bronze; as well as setting two new Olympic records and winning more gold medals than any U.S. Shooting team since 1984. Since the advent of the modern Olympic Games, USA Shooting has claimed 107 medals.  We look to continue this medal-winning tradition in Rio de Janeiro at the 2016 Olympic Summer Games.

The selected logo design is one that USA Shooting hopes will enhance the team’s run to Rio and provide a mark that is distinct, impactful, fun and distinguished.  Rio IS in Sight and we are pleased to unveil the mark that will reveal this to our community.

About 10.9 Day
The world has become content with being average.  In our world, average gets you nowhere.  A 10.9 in our sport is the mark of perfection, proof positive that excellence has been achieved. That’s the goal if you’re shooting over a half a football field away and aiming at a target measuring no more than the width of a dime or whether you’re standing 33 feet away trying to punch pellets into a bulls eye no bigger than the period at the end of this sentence. Excellence is a virtue of your USA Shooting Team and on this day, 10.9 (October 9), we’d like to encourage our community to aim for excellence in all the shots you take in life.