Desert Tactical Arms To Rebrand Company As ‘Desert Tech’

Leading Firearms Innovator Changes Name To Create Universal Brand…

Desert Tech DT Micro Dynamic Rifle
Desert Tactical Arms To Rebrand Company As ‘Desert Tech’
Desert Tech
Desert Tech

Salt Lake City UT – -( Desert Tactical Arms announced today that they are rebranding their company name to Desert Tech.

The name change is essential to provide a universal brand that unites the arms, ammunition , and training divisions.

The resulting unity will create synergies that will lead the development of more advanced equipment, munitions, and training for the expanded marketplace. The name change was announced today by Nick Young, President of Desert Tech.

“The name change was essential to align the focus of our firearms, ammunition, and training companies in creating Tomorrows Weapon Technologies,” said Nick Young.

“”Operating under our new name creates synergy between the companies which will allow us to seamlessly integrate new technologies and training methodologies with the warfighter, and ultimately, improve mission success.”

About Desert Tech
Desert Tactical Arms was founded in 2007 and rebranded as Desert Tech in 2013. The company was created to provide the most compact, accurate and reliable precision weapon systems in the world. Desert Tech continues to provide the best firearms, ammunition and training possible for the military, law enforcement, and private gun owners. Desert Tech currently offers precision Bullpup rifle systems in calibers ranging from 260 Remington – 50 BMG. The Desert Tech Training Facility is the largest premiere training facility in the west, located on 25,000 acres in northeastern Utah. The Desert Tech Training Facility was created to provide a place for shooters and operators from around the world to obtain unparalleled firearms instruction with a curriculum designed to provide military, law enforcement, contractors, and armed citizens real-life scenarios, which will produce a better a gunfighter.  Desert Tech Ammunitions was created to optimize the performance of the Desert Tech Rifle System. The goal is to control and harmonize all of the components in the firing sequence.  Desert Tech Ammunitions optimizes the firing system of Desert Tech rifles as well as numerous other commercially offered rifles to provide consistent match performance across the board.

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Bob Meneghini

I too am going to look to Desert Tec for my next buys. Again I’m very proud of your stance on not selling to people that want to do us harm. We do need more like you!


I am also very pleased that you decided not to sell out to the enemy as far as I’m concerned. I am waiting with open arms for the new MDR-A in 223 Or Maybe 308. The one thing I am trying to figure out being I haven’t seen it fired yet is the ejection port. Yet I’m sure your design will be very workable and a great firearm.

Dana Otis

Nice to hear of an arms company that puts common sense ahead of a large monetary gain. The ever increasing instability in our world today, sure makes it seem that any weapon supplied to Pakistan will surely end up being used against our own troops or those of our allies. Thank You Desert Tech for taking a position and sticking with it!

kirk wiggins

Thanks for your recent decision. You are at the top of my shopping list now.

John Edge

Thanks be to God. A company that thinks.

Bernard Zaroff

Bless you all for making the right decision concering the arms sale to Pakistan. The 1 life you saved may have been my grandson or someones brother or sister, husband or wife. In my book you all have red,white and blue blood. Your what makes us America.

Larry Schulze

Thank you for not selling guns to our enemies. I will be looking at your arms and deciding which to buy. Thanks again,larry