How Some Good Old Boys Took Out a Rabid Anti-Gunner

By Lt. Col. Robert K. Brown USAR (Ret.)

Robert K. Brown, Timothy Knight, Victor Head, and Jennifer Kern
From left to right, Robert K. Brown ( RKB), Timothy Knight, Victor Head, and Jennifer Kern of Basic Freedom Defense Fund in RKB’s “man cave.” Ed lead the recall efforts against the anti-gunner in Pueblo. Knight was the sparkplug in the Morse recall effort and Kern was the spokesperson for the recall effort. They presented RKB with the flag for his assistance during the recall campaign.
Soldier of Fortune Magazine
Soldier of Fortune Magazine

Boulder, CO – -( Continuing to give SOF’ers and AmmoLand readers an inside look at how some “we’ve never done this before” gunnies took out a couple of rabid anti-gunners through “never done before” recall elections, I contacted the honcho, Victor Head of Basic Freedom Defense Fund, who organized the recall movement in Pueblo, Colorado. Below are his responses to my questions.

SOF:What prompted you to get initially involved?

Victor: Mainly it was how the gun laws were going to actually affect me personally. I realized that the gun that sits on my nightstand is now considered “high capacity,” and it was illegal for my girlfriend to even pick it up. It was also illegal for me to leave any of my guns with my girlfriend for more than 72 hours. My mom carries one of my revolvers for her concealed carry gun, and that would now require me to do a background check on her, or pass the gun back and forth every 72 hours.

Anyone that has really read the laws knows all this already, but these were the types of things that really got me going.

Furthermore, to think that criminals are going to actually curtail their lives to comply with these laws, as I am going to have to curtail mine, is laughable.

SOF:Where did you get your initial support from?

Victor: Family and friends. My grandma loaned me $4000 (which I’ve yet to pay back as donations have all but dried up and we spent almost everything we had on the election) to get a lawyer to get the ball rolling on the whole thing.

My brother took on my workload of our business so I could dedicate myself full time to the recall. My girlfriend and family all said “go for it,” and understood that we would all be in the spotlight for a while, whether it be good or bad. The online gun community (mainly was instrumental in giving us a forum to coordinate people from across the state who had many unique talents to offer. There were also many, many people who had been waiting for something like this, something with a legitimate cause and end goal that they could focus their efforts on. Something that would actually make a difference.

SOF: When did the NRA get involved in help?

Victor: The NRA came in a few days before early voting started. I don’t believe they got involved during the petition signature- gathering phase at all. They were involved with the Morse recall (president of the Colorado Senate, John Morse from Colorado Springs, who was also defeated) once we were dragged into court.

They were offering to pick up some of our legal bills, as we were in a joint defense with the Morse recall. But in Pueblo, they came in a few days before voting, where they held a rally/seminar type of thing at our headquarters. They brought in food and NRA gear. We had a good turnout, raised some money, and got people motivated for the election.

So what can we learn from this mindboggling victory?

Maybe, just maybe this experience, where a bunch of dedicated amateurs stuck it up bully Bloomberg’s nose, will prompt NRA/ILA to send their reps out into the hinterland to liaise with locals to see what is really going on earlier in the process. NRA got involved late in the game and their efforts no doubt pushed the pro-gunnies over the top.

NRA/ILA has a problem, however, of endemic arrogance, probably from drinking Washington Kool Aid, that they know it all; that there is nothing to be gained by interfacing with the locals. Pueblo proved them wrong.

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Chris Rakes

the biggest side benefit of the recall, is how it scared all the other politicians in the country. i have seen some that done a quick turn around, when they realized they could lose their jobs. the one thing the a politicization wants is to keep his job

Thom Paine

Thank you from a New Mexican next door neighbor. For putting the cultural marxist pissants in Santa Fe on notice that they would be next! And now to get rid of all the others who disregard their oath from coast to coast…..


Now that you got them out, How do we get Obama out ?