NRA Handgunner Backpack – Fit, Form, Function’s Finest Hour?

By Kevin Reese
NRA Tactical targets purpose-driven protection and on-target innovation with the NRA Handgunner Backpack!

NRA Handgunner Backpack
NRA Handgunner Backpack
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Texas –-(  I’ve never been one to care much about opposing views when it comes to protecting my family, or even our personal property.

I’m fortunate to live in a great state proactively engaged in protecting my rights to bear arms and protect my family; however, with it certainly comes responsibility I take seriously.

And, because I’m willing to answer a higher calling I practice, shoot and learn as much as I can. That means shooting on my property as well as traveling to various ranges.

Traveling has its own challenges. I struggle at times with ensuring I have all my necessary gear packed in the perfect, function-driven way. Many times, although I begin completely organized, time sensitive shooting, training or traveling means by the end of the day I’m dumping the contents of my pack onto a shooting bench to find that one missing accessory. With that in mind, I set out on a quest to find the quintessential handgun-friendly pack… and boy did I ever find it

NRA Handgunner Backpack
NRA Handgunner Backpack

While bumping around one of the happiest E-places on earth, the NRA Store, I ran into the NRA Handgunner Backpack, part of the new NRA Tactical line of ultra-cool products!

So what exactly do I like about the NRA Handgunner Backpack? Nearly everything! It’s fairly lightweight and incredibly comfortable. The moisture-wicking padded shoulder straps and back-panel ensures a comfortable carry over virtually any distance. To date, I’ve carried my pack for hours on end in various circumstances (not just handgunning) with zero rubbing or hotspots and very little fatigue and after eight years in the Marines, I know what uncomfortable feels like! I imagine I could carry a fully-weighted NRA Handgunner Backpack for hours without much trouble.

I start every shooting day with the idea that there’s a place for everything and everything has its place. In reality, when traveling shooting over the course of a day, organization is often easier said than done. The NRA Handgunner Backpack offers a near perfect solution in pictogram-labeled, lined, purpose-driven pockets and interior pouches. Whether it’s a staple gun, targets, tape, binoculars, shooting glasses or tools, this pack has a spot for it… and it’s marked! Psychologically, this feature has become sort of an accountability partner; I can’t bring myself to put tools in any other pocket than the one marked to hold them. This help in organizing has been a huge time saver prevents a lot of frustration.

While comfort and organization are powerful in their own right, this pack is “packed” with innovation, too! In the 33 years of military and recreational shooting, I’ve never seen as much shooter-focused innovation built into a single backpack. A pinnacle feature of this pack is the hard-lined handgun compartment complete with foam slide-out four-handgun cradle! Simply sliding my cradle of handguns out of the compartment puts them immediately at the ready. I just pick my poison, load it and shoot while the others wait comfortably AND SAFELY for their turn! It’s simple… and simply brilliant!

I’m hard on my gear so protection is probably the most important feature to me and again, the NRA Handgunner Backpack delivers with 5-Star protection! Not only are handguns stored in the non-slip slotted foam cradle, they are encapsulated in a hard-lined compartment, safe from hands and elements. And, if it starts to rain, sleet or snow, unzip the pack’s top pouch to access a form-fitted rain cover. The pack is ready for just about anything Mother Nature throws at it.

So, what don’t I like about the NRA Handgunner Backpack? With a product as well-constructed as the NRA Handgunner Backpack, it actually takes effort to define cons. While not cons per se, I would like to see a bit more room in the tool pocket and for additional ammo. Then again, maybe sometimes I carry more gear than I really need. Thanks goodness, purchasing this pack means supporting an organization purposed in preserving my right to do so!

NRA Handgunner Backpack
NRA Handgunner Backpack

The bottom line is that I’m in LOVE with the NRA Handgunner Backpack ( )and you will be, too. Whether you are a recreational shooter, commit yourself to ever-evolving personal defense training or hit the ground running in USPSA or IDPA competition shooting, this pack isn’t just a great choice; it was designed specifically for you, to meet all of your handgunning demands in every climb and place.

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  • 3 thoughts on “NRA Handgunner Backpack – Fit, Form, Function’s Finest Hour?

    1. Add a set of heavy duty rollers and an extending pull handle and I will buy one , at seventy I have no desire to carry a pack on my back or otherwise while loaded down with ammo , handguns and all my other shooting equipment . Of course I would look for a better price unless I was just looking to financially support my NRA , not a bad idea .

    2. This is a great product and I can also attest that it is a fantastic meld of form and function.

      However…like most products from the NRA store, it is fantastically overpriced. This is a G.Outdoors Handgunner Backpack rebadged as an NRA Tactical product and priced about $30 more than it sells for anywhere else. I’m happy to support the NRA (I’ve been doing so for years), but their online store pricing is just crazy. I bought mine elsewhere.

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